4 Brutal Truth of Work Culture – From The Artist’s Diary

4 Brutal Truth of Corporate World-1

After all my wishes, finally my laptop is back to me with a good recovery on this afternoon. Later on that session, my birthday (upcoming) was celebrated along with few of my colleagues in the office.

The big chocolate cake (my favorite one), candles on the top at the four corners, people applauding everywhere, even requesting to quote or pitch a shayari (a short poem, since I was famous with quickies on popular mail-chains)…

Everything was going great except for my headache on this eventful evening. (People who know me well, they know why this headache has occurred at the end of office day!) But they had to spoil the fun by calling my name for the ‘Star Performer of The Month’ as I was leaving to my desk. Instead of being surprised, I was furious as hell. Weird? I know! But believe me or not, I had pictured this exact scenario long back where I was called to take the certificate (only a piece of paper for me) by holding all the grudges.Later, in that imagination, I actually quit my job and returned the award.

But in reality, unfortunately I could only manage to show my disappointed look. Though, I replicated almost till the scene where I quote two lines truthfully,

“Personally, I never worked for any award or certificate. I work for my team only!”

You might be wondering what the hell is wrong with me. Probably, few of you might have come up with the line,

“You artist always have to get into completely different direction because of your weird notion and make things controversial in some or other ways.”

Yes, this has been my problem lately. I came across few people who accept the things life has given them even if it makes them suffer for a while. Apparently, I cannot. Trust me, the ‘Lime-Lemonade quote’ won’t be working here; I had been trying that method from last 2-3 months. I don’t know whether I am right or wrong.

Amusingly, last night I was almost sketching the three words on a piece of paper,

Corporate World Sucks

Let me give you some snippets exemplifying my office scenario only:

1) (Only) Customer is King

4 Brutal Truth of Corporate World-2
Pic Credits: https://media.licdn.com/mpr/mpr/p/7/005/0b1/014/259b94b.jpg

I understand on certain level that we, at the end, serve to the client who is paying us for our services. And it’s fair to give them what we promised. But in this process, they seem to forget the contributions of employees. Forget about appreciation, they feel they should suck all the energies of their employees because they are giving salary (pennies only) to them, with all their unrealistic targets and over the line demands which are decided in those big meeting rooms during their so called ‘discussions’ among employees.

'Is this the meeting where it's the end of the world as we know it if we don't come up with 'the big idea' by 5 o'clock.'
Pic Credit: CartoonStock.com

Yes, I named the meeting room correctly, ‘Objection Overruled’!

2) All suggestions are invalid or hard to convince

4 Brutal Truth of Corporate World-3
Pic Credit: A. Bacall

Since the employees have no idea what the vision of the company is. The amusing fact is even they don’t know what their final goal is. Yes, they confuse their employees and blame them messing up!

3) Trust issues with employees work

This is the bigger one with sub-headings:

i) Daily Report:

4 Brutal Truth of Corporate World-4
Pic Credit: http://media.cagle.com/47/2014/12/11/157298_600.jpg

Why should we maintain daily report of each and every employee? Because we need to understand the pace of our project (Primary) and see the contributions of employees (Secondary)!

Why do they maintain daily report of each and every employee? Because they need to check with what pace the employees have been able to complete the given task (Primary)!

Oh, there is no secondary aim. Most of the project get delayed since the promised deliverance date is always earlier than when it should be (I understand sometimes project requirements are changed by client)

ii) Creating the Pressurized Situation:

4 Brutal Truth of Corporate World-6

Few months back, I and few of my ex-colleagues were talking on work-pressure situations for new employees. I was told that most of startup companies use this method to ‘groom’ the new employees. They create pressurized situations.

They give you multiple tasks with the nearest deadline and if you couldn’t complete all or you did mistake, they will scold you, curse you, de-motivate you and even scarify you to fire.

In their opinion, if you survive this situation you can go longer in the ‘cruel’ corporate world.

I almost laughed on this theory. Do I need to say anything more? This malicious theory itself sounds ridiculous.

4) Lack of Appreciation

4 Brutal Truth of Corporate World-7
Pic Credit: http://www.havingtime.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/no-one.jpg

Sure, they conduct monthly meeting session where they talk about big achieved number and magic numbers to achieve. They take that opportunity to appreciate the employees who have done commendable job for that month. But do you think that it is enough to motivate your employees?

4 Brutal Truth of Corporate World-8

No, definitely not! Especially, when they’re giving the award according to rotation policy or they sense that they had discouraged you enough to make you leave the company. Hey, let’s give him a medal (This is me, right here! This is why I was upset and angry.)

Exactly 7 months back, I wanted to write a blog-post on “How to Write An Appreciation Letter” but due to some reason, I could not.

My theatre where I work as an actor on weekends, follows an amazing practice.

Good Job

These two words create magic. In theatre, we come for rehearsals, make efforts to give our hundred percent, spend some time to understand and practice and at the end of the session, we say ‘Good Job’ to everyone in that hall including mentors. We do not ignore anyone’s contribution. And we make sure we maintain this practice for as long as we could.

Well, I understand that Good Job practice cannot be applied just like that in corporate scenario. But saying thank you, even for the smallest thing, is harmless. Believe me, it can create a huge difference in everyone’s work life including CEOs’ and Co-founders’!

Now I would like to call ‘They’

Good Job for making me hate The Office!

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