How to Write An Appreciation Letter: A Beginner’s Guide

Isn’t it an irony, the world is represented as ZERO and we, the tiny living things on this planet, always focus on HUNDRED? Perhaps, that’s why we are called Human. Always go for improvement!

But during this process, you under-appreciate yourself with a lack of motivation which can lead to frustration. And when it comes to the team performance, the depreciation factor is increased by 2 times. All eyes are focused on what we couldn’t achieve rather than what we have accomplished. You ignore all the contributions including yours.

In short, we reach at 99 and looking at why we couldn’t achieve one more for the magical number 100.

If we think it through in a more clear way then all we need is to say ‘Good Job’ to everyone. This seems easy; but trust me, even the big company’s founder could not do this.

'We'd like to show you our appreciation of your many years of dedicated service to this company...But first we need to know what your name is and what it is you do around here!'

Here is a beginner’s guide on how to write an appreciation letter:

Disclaimer: All steps look very simple and mostly known to all but sometimes, a few of you forget to implement.

Important Information: This letter can be given to all types of teams, even the team of one person as well. If you ask why you need to appreciate yourself, then I would say, “Not everyone is Batman!”

Step 1:

List all the tasks what were done for the completion of a project. Yes, it would be really hard to collect everything. But if you are involved in the project as a leader too then it would not take much of your time.

How to Write an Appreciation Letter3.jpg

Why is it important? Step 3 will give you the detailed idea!

Step 2:

Say a warm congratulation to everyone with some exclamatory sentences.

Step 3:

Now the main part of the letter has begun.

1) Try to recollect/remember every single person’s name and their task.

How to Write an Appreciation Letter4.jpg

2) Now write/say ‘Good Job’ to them one-by-one with their task completed and their strength. Please avoid anything related to improvement or feedback. Remember, feedback has to be given in one-on-one conversation.

No one is greater than the team; even the best performer!

How to Write an Appreciation Letter5

Step 4:

Give ‘Thank You’ note to your team and talk about the goals the team has accomplished (doesn’t matter if the goal was not bigger; the motivation of the members has to be high)

Step 5:

Inform what is next planned for them!

How to Write an Appreciation Letter6

Step 6:

Encourage teammates to share their experience during the ongoing project.

Step 7:

Send this common letter to everyone in a team.

"I was just ringing to see if you got the e-mail about the letter I sent you?"

Hmmm.. What did we learn? Sometimes ‘99’ is also good.

So, did you learn something, nothing, everything or anything? Write in the comment section or mail at or Tweet me or FB me.

Keep Appreciating Keep Reading Keep Humming

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