Comments On 4 Brutal Truth of Work Culture

Exactly 1 month back, I wrote a blog-post named 4 Brutal Truth of Work Culture. It was the description of office scenarios what we chose to ignore.

I have got few comments offline which I am sharing here:


Good job. Life pe frustration sab ko hoti hai. Likke kisiko math bathana. dikana ki mai yeh bhi hoon aur isse se jyada bhi hoon.
Matlab na bole usko bhi karke bolna yeh sahi hoga try karke dekhna.

Meaning in English:

Good Job. Everyone has frustration in their life but you do not have to write about but show it to the world that you are much better than that
Means you need to work towards it to see whether doing good can result the better future.


Brother …. Absolutely true … What you have mentioned … Really good one!


Well not sure if I need to congratulate you for the award or for speaking out your perspective on corporate culture,  the truth is both are valid like two sides of a coin.

Anyways kudos to you!!!



Thanks for such though full mail. I always enjoy reading you. But this was special as it was what exactly happened to me a few days back. I also got a so called GEMS award from company and that too after a service of 2 years.

Their award is just of no use. Nevertheless after reading your mail in the office itself I realised that I am also being tricked by the trickster. So I just stayed away from work for about 1 hr. during midday.

But then I realised that I have an education loan to pay and for that I need to keep my emotions away and go back to work.

Anyway thanks again for the post which made me realise that I was a human and I also deserve more but not in form of appreciation. A vote of thanks would do much help.

Keep Reading Keep Humming!

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