Batman vs Superman Not Just A Movie, An Introduction To The Real DC Universe

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was released on Good Friday. And after watching this movie, it was disheartened to see all the negative reviews from critics. 29% on Rotten Tomatoes; I think it was too harsh on a movie which gives the scope for many exciting movies to hop in.


Before I begin my review I would like to clear one thing about me:

  • I am a Batman fan boy. But it doesn’t mean I like movies like Batman & Robin and Batman Forever.
  • I am not reader of any comic book. All my conscious knowledge on DC universe comes mostly from movies including many animated ones.

Since I understand the Batman psychology, I would definitely take on to those directors who would mess with its character. And trust me; Zack Snyder (Director of Batman v Superman) is not one of those directors.


There are no spoilers ahead


The story begins where Man of Steel ended at the peak of its violent revenge plot. Bruce Wayne witnessed the dawn of apocalyptic future and could foresee the dystopian world because of one superpower. There he decides to take down Superman in spite of the fact that this human-God war would demolish his breath.

From all the critics, 3 points were emerged what made them hate this movie

1) The movie is humourless and grotesquely darker


First of all, DC universe is always known for its dark stories which Director Zack Snyder already assured to audience from the trailer itself. It seems that most of the critics were subconsciously or willingly comparing this movie from Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel and Disney flourish their movie scale with more or less humour where the bunch of avengers or protagonist saves the day at the end. DC, produced by Warner Bros. does a brave attempt to set up the entire superheroes team at a real ground where the drama of fight between two herculean creatures can be too big and destructive for the rest of  the humans.

2) It had almost nothing exciting to offer from its dull characterizations

I beg to differ. The portrayal of every single character was up to the mark; including Lex Luthor (Go ahead and laugh)


Batman: Many so called Batman fans, who watched only Nolan’s movies, were very disappointed. But let me tell them that Snyder’s version of Batman is almost as good as Nolan’s, even better than that as the film is set after 20 years of Batman existence in Gotham.

Bruce Wayne’s parents tragic death made the biggest impact on his life. He became silent and sad for almost 15-16 years (approx.) with the hidden revenge plot inside his heart which made him lonely. Life progressed and he emerged as a crime fighter after learning various combat skills. Over the period of time, this lonely crime fighter developed insecure feeling inside which were rendered in this movie so beautifully!


Superman: This alien superhero’s characterization was already setup in the first movie Man of Steel. He is very emotional about his mother and later for his girlfriend Lois Lane.


Lex Luthor: The God-hater Lex is not a villain; in fact, he is anti-hero who ultimately wants power and money with the use of his ingenious mind. Many people criticized Jesse Eisenberg for his irritating acting in the suit of Lex but I disagree. Lex’s thinking capacity is much faster than his voice which is why he keeps on mumbling. Jesse played Lex Luthor quite well if not perfect one! Here, he was true to his words, “Power can be innocent.”

Wonder Woman

Lois Lane, Wonder Woman & Others: All these had very less screen time to share except Lois. Gal Gadot sure looked stunning in her ancient Wonder Woman costume. I can understand people’s disappointment as there was no back story served on her. This movie was just the introduction of her and other three superheroes Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. Their movies will be coming in next 2 years. Not to mention, Alfred is smarter.

3) The storyline is a mess with lots of character introduction to rush for Justice League

I won’t disagree with this point completely. BvS had so many tasks to be done:

  • Man of Steel sequel
  • A Solo Batman movie setup
  • The conflict between Superman and Batman which culminated into a biggest fight in the comic world
  • Lex Luthor and his dislike of Batman
  • A platform for Justice League where 5 characters needed to be introduced which is like a new breath since we have been watching Batman & Superman from decades

From my point of view, Snyder almost tied up all well; not in a perfect way. There comes a point where it feels like pace of movie was going too fast. This is where most of the critics and some audiences couldn’t grasp the plot.


This movie comes out as a brave attempt in the era where Superhero movie only meant a man struggling with his/her ability, a villain, 2-4 one liners, pre-apocalyptic scenarios and hero saved the day.

Final Thought:

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is not perfect one but it’s worth a watch in spite of its fitting approach of bigger story line in just 2.5 hours and bad CGI for Doomsday demolition seconds.

PS: The movie name should be Batman & Superman: Dawn of Justice

Friendly Neighbourhood Advice: Do not wait for the end credit scenes after the rolling of last credit. Marvel creates some bad habits in us. Leave Marvel out of your head before you watch the movie.

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