An Artist’s Way to Make the Boredom Interesting

“Boredom inspires random thoughts, let’s get bored sometime!”

All of us have been struggling with this at some particular clocks of life. I am not going to suggest pursuing some hobbies or solo travel or socialize with people or anything that requires your enormous amount of energy – Let’s be clear on this first!

I have this friend of mine who used to have many hangouts or social meetings. But after she started her office, she hardly gets time to have free minutes for any gatherings. In her views, her life became boring, even she considered herself as a boring person! But the good thing is that in this process, she learned to expect less from life. But the problem remains. This post is more or less about tackling her situation, though she never shared any intention to inspire her in anyway.

On the first week of this month, during our theatre performance, one of my another friend explained how theatre gives him different – mostly funny – perspective to see everyday’s (mundane) activities. This reminded me how I never realized that whole epilogue was always part of daily routine:

“Drama is everywhere; just look closely!”

Let’s take the theory situation-wise:

An Artist Way to Make the Boredom Interesting-1

1) Crowded Place

Exact Location: Probably at bus-stop, inside the metro, office or playground

Disclaimer: Since the area would have full of people you need to be extra cautious. Your one mistake can cause you severe injuries or make you creepy in the eyes of many witnesses.

Step-By-Step Process:

  • You take your comfortable position (sitting or standing) and let your eyeballs revolve around jumping from people to people
  • Choose your target person by likes of their looks or dress color or posture or no specific reason. Importantly, do not fixate your eyes on someone for more than 4-5 seconds; because maybe someone is looking at you and trying the same trick. You always switch and come back to the target
  • Notice some of his/her activities in the blink of 4-5 seconds. You may find some pattern; you may find amusing look on the face while he/she is chatting or calling or talking or sitting ideal (thinking); you may overhear some random conversations which could enlighten or make you laugh (Do not)
  • Now try the same activities replicating the exact observed pattern with minimal unnoticeable movement. In case of conversation, please take a mental or physical note if it is interesting or inspiring. In case of extreme emotion please do it in your mind!
  • Switch permanently if it starts to bore you
  • Repeat

After Effect: You would become an expert in human behavior or making jokes like Seinfeld; probably want to share a stage with standup comedian or learn some really interesting fact of life or you could fall in love! I do not claim any of it will be true; because it all depends on how blindly you follow this theory.

PS: You probably would get the idea why people would think of you as creepy person if they caught you in this act.

2) Completely Alone

Exact Location: In your room or at the deserted place or In the middle of jungle taking solo trip (Well, if you are doing this you can’t call yourself as boring)

Disclaimer: You must not forget that you are human.

Step by step process:

  • Close your eyes, breathe slowly and relax your all the muscles
  • Once you’re feeling good, open your eyes and look around yourself. Go one-by-one and observe everything. Make sure you are completely alone which, in an encouraging way, offers you an opportunity to do anything
  • Start with a shout or yell or if you are musically insane, sing your favorite song as loud as you can
  • Dance ferociously, nakedly or smoothly – your choice
  • Remember/read any joke or funny story you heard among friends or read in the book and laugh with your heart out
  • If you are a movie-buff then deliver some dialogues with your style or copying the actor’s voice
  • Try real-life role play, especially unusual one with given situation. Don’t worry if you are not an actor; nobody’s there to judge!

For instances, if you are a boy opt for the girl role or transsexual character or homosexual character or animals or plants or things. The idea is to break the illusion and game for something awkward what you can’t play in front of anyone!

After Effect: You would know yourself much better and in spite of how weird or silly you feel about yourself, you would love yourself. I assure you on this!

So, let me ask you again:

Do you get bored easily? If yes, you now have many options to look forward to!

Well, Boredom does inspire random thoughts!

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