Clown In The Supermarket

Before I begin, you must know that the Clown Show named as ‘Not Going To Supermarket’ was performed on 30th April’16. It was a culmination of almost a year preparation from the team called ‘Yellow’ – officially formed on Feb’15 by Yours Truly Theatre.

A long train was running through the bridge engineered in the surroundings of many mountains. The sunny bright day couldn’t get better with the clouds touching the peak of tall trees. While adjusting our weird but distinct noses, we were glancing at the dried up river which once had been passed under this bridge. Looking down by leaning unto little windows was exciting and frightening at the same time.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the train was painted in yellow from outside as well as inside? Ah, what did we know? Sometimes, we wanted it to be in black; so we carried our color filled bucket, put our big brushes into it, stirred and spread it all, everywhere. Yellow, Orange, Green, Black and sometimes, colorless! These were our favorite colors. We were walking continuously, though.

Somebody asked, “Was it hard to walk in the supermarket?”

I looked at the person just to confirm whether he really sought to grasp the truth or not. The answer was so simple but instead, I laughed till my energy drained out from my body. Immediately, I fell asleep expecting that the dream would give me a little peace. Whoa, brilliantly the song was played at the right time. It was chanting and visionary, expressing the power of indulgence:

Indulgence in many deliberate attempts to fail;

Overcoming the fear of climbing onto vertical obstacles;

Struck at awkward moments;

Slow one hour walking ‘zone’;

Relationship with imaginary but only object we wore;

Watching Slava Polunin;

Power shift game;

A room with full of surprises invented by our mind only;

King & Kong; and

Gibberish singing with unusual music coming through objects lied at the surroundings.

The question was, “Would I be really happy to see all peas arranged in the perfect parallel lines?”

Oops, did I forget to avoid the sensitive but hard topic and light up the moment with illogical hush and shush? Being a clown, I should. So, I threw the last pea into my mouth and let myself experience the rush it could generate. I was ready to feel any kind of vibe on my nerves. The train which was stuffed with Tweety Bird Soft Toys (yes, I was surprised too) was speeding up.

Lingo & bingo! Had I wandered through the superlatives of love-dew? The reporter was surprised so was I.

How could anyone feel affectionate at the time when the Self Knotting people croaked all kinds of ‘fascinating’ and ‘well-deserved’ remarks on his under-expected performance!

But do we care to think over. The paper headlines printed the line:

Clown Show By Yours Truly Theatre

The Clown In Love:

Hysterically romantic, this joker has proved what it is to be like a sissy baby while completing his target and deviating from it. It was supposedly to go according to the plan but mysteriously, the kid has deviated from his path. It is also said this particular kid was convicted to murder, murder of himself. The Men In Blue are striving to enhance his limit of tolerance but meanwhile he, allegedly, fell in love which was contempt to this supermarket. Later on, according to many witnesses, he dragged himself away from this beautiful world and cried in the loud tone and continuously mourning NOT GOING TO SUPERMARKET.

I didn’t know walking in the supermarket would be so eventful but as I reached to main engine of this glorious train the Engine Master turned to me and announced after thinking just for a second,

“A Clown Can Get Away With Anything.”

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