Superhero Within You

Huh! A fascinating dream to become a Superhero… Will that ever be possible?

Anyone would like to think so? I mean how hard it could be?

First, one needs to go through some bad scientific experiment or lose someone close to get enough motivation or become alien to this world. (perhaps, act like you do not belong from this planet)

Then, you would find something different in your body structure or emotions what you want to hide from the outside world.

Later, time matures your thought process and shows you all the injustice that are happening around you. You act on it, stand against it like a vigilante and emerge as a Superhero.

PS: You might want to be careful on your thinking part because one hopeless mindset can raise Supervillain in you!

Nice Dream! Fast backwards to becoming you again.


But we are common people, living a mundane life with some or big purpose, one two dreams and dealing with lots of expectations. Expectations are from parents, teachers, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, kids, relatives, friends, bosses, colleagues, juniors, fans, your pets, government, milkman, washerman, cook, society, neighbors, even nature, the mother earth, everyone who is connected or was ever be in touch with you and most importantly from you! (Now read all the words again and this time loudly)

And where are you now?

Let me give you examples from my life.

  1. Two and half years back, I chose to become a writer (though I am not good at this yet) on the call of my instinct inspired by my deep interest to write and create stories. I broke the trend of my native place where only 3 careers are given importance and taken as the respected profiles to live a lavishing life: Engineer, Doctor and Government Job.Since then, I am trying to convince my father and many other people who are not confident about my decision or style of writing!
  2. In these years, Only 2 times I managed to go home. And they are definitely expecting me to come on a regular interval, join some Govt jobs near my hometown, settle down, get married, take care of them and deal with our house and relative problems. Right now at this stage, it is not possible for me to fulfill any of their demand! (Yes, I am being selfish)
  3. I have been a complete failure in developing any love life yet. I didn’t read the last reply from my crush on my mailbox after we stopped talking; because I am scared that it would contain words I won’t be able to digest. (Yes, I am the one who posts lots of positive or negative aspects of love and as relationship adviser, is responsible for few successful ‘love stories’!)
  4. On my job as Creative Writer, I mostly struggle with many new terms related to business we do which makes me feel little incompetent. However, the workplace gives a positive feeling!
  5. Apart from my writing job, I wanted to make movies which started with making short movies. From last 2-3 years, I am a part of 2 unfinished short film projects as director and scriptwriter. And till now there is no sign that I could finish it and release!
    For few projects, I was involved as a writer but those films were also not completed. Currently, I and my friend collaborated for our dream project. Still uncertain whether I would be keeping up with it or not!
  6. On my over 3.5 years of theatre journey, I have been part of many shows performed at different colleges, schools, NGOs etc. On the level of seniority and experience, people expect me to harness my creativity into something big and exciting (doesn’t matter they are vocal about it or not). And I am not sure how long I shall be able to continue with it!

These instances fit the description of a mundane life where we move forward while holding and pulling many strings attached to us!

Did you notice what I did there in those examples? Instead of noticing and appreciating my active involvement in many things, I mentioned how I failed or am uncertain about future! We, the common people, do this to us a lot. We judge and analyse ourselves a lot.


Now without peeping into future and analysing, think about:

How many engagements you have at this point of time?

How many expectations and milestones you have passed till now?

How you’ve survived in all these years

Where are you, right now?

Are you able to see yourself?

Are you able to feel something new in you?

Are you able to contemplate how great you are?

Are you able to see that you are still moving forward on your own?

Are you able to figure out who the real superhero is?

Superhero Within YouTime to Acknowledge Your Power

It wasn’t easy to become a Superhero, was it? But you did it!

7 thoughts on “Superhero Within You

    1. Well, Thanks Jaffer sir
      For the kind word.
      The important point I wanted to convey is make everyone realize that they are all superheroes including me and you.
      This is regarding one project what I am handling personally in my theatre. On 22nd and 23rd Oct as as first mile we are conducting 3 performances. Yes, idea is conceptualized and will be instrumented by me. I will be glad you could make your presence.
      Thanks again!


  1. Thanks, Jane!
    I am glad you liked this post.
    The idea was to find Superhero Within You (which is already clear in this post). But I have started a movement on this through theatre. I hope I could reach as many people as I can.


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