Not A Good Speaker, Must Be A Shitty Writer

Have you ever been in such a situation where you’ve done all the work but your teammate took all the credits because he/she gave a beautiful presentation? Probably, yes!

Often the world tends to see or judge the work by its presentation, not by how much effort and energy you’ve put into this. This is not fair!

Keeping this theory in mind, most of the students, employees, speakers or people start polishing their speaking talent and completely ignore the required skills for the presented work. Being a communication expert is an excellent icing on the cake property and in the eyes of many, could be the best attribute anyone can have. But should this be the only one skill someone should pursue?

Now, imagine the same scenario on writers. Please tell me whether it is fair to judge anyone’s writing on the basis of their speaking skills.

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I have been in this situation. But before I say anything on this matter I must admit that I am not really a good speaker. Especially, when the meetings are unplanned or my listener is impatient to hear or I haven’t had my practice with the tongue twisting. Yes, I can make some witty or sarcastic jokes in between to lighten the mood or get the attention but overall, I am a bad speaker.

Recently, I was having a meeting with my colleague who were explaining the new policies and benefits of maintaining discipline in regard of time. The conversation eventually reached to my writing skills and she expressed her view not to disrespect me but in a judging way.

“I talked to you for the first time and I was under the impression that a writer ought to have a good command of grammar. You spoke and I started picking all the grammatical errors in your sentences. Then I told myself how he could create content for this company. How can he be any good at writing?”

It’s not the first time someone had this view about me. Then she added,

“Knowing your Hindi background, I can guess that maybe, you first translate the sentence from Hindi which makes the process slow. And since you need to speak faster you make so many mistakes.”

But the truth is completely different. Some of the friends with whom I spend most of my times know whenever my communication takes the low road at those moments I can’t even speak properly in Hindi (my mother tongue). Also, I am usually a slow speaker since I think a lot on the placement of words and what I need to actually say.

You see there is a lot of thinking that go into the process before you speak. For instances, to whom you are talking; what is the gender/religion/any other factors of that person(s); what is the relationship between you two; at where you are having this conversation; what you know about this topic; etc.

There are several other questions which come as you both progress in the matter.

That said, I still won’t deny my communication needs improvement.


Coming to the pivot point of this article, judging any person’s ability on their speaking skills is not the right way, at least in my opinion. There is no kind of proportionality between being a good speaker and being a good writer, period.

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