The Ultimate Superhero: Chapter 01 – Wonder Woman



Wonder Woman aka Princess Diana emerged from the clay model made by her mother Hippolyta (reincarnation of an unborn daughter of the first woman murdered by men) on the instruction from the six members of Greek Pantheon.

She was raised on Paradise Island in 3000 BC and belonged to the race of immortal Amazon. Her most of superpowers were given as a gift from all the members of Greek Pantheon while giving life to her clay model.



Wonder Woman is the most powerful superhero in the DC Universe (even more than Superman). Her key powers are super strength, wisdom, communion with animals, speed and capability to flight. During the course of her longer life across many eras, she was trained in combat skills & strategy and excelled in all of it.

Furthermore, she was gifted with the Lasso of Truth weapon, a magical golden rope to capture any figure to obey and tell the truth. She can also instantly traverse to the greater distance in seconds that is generated from Sandals of Hermes.

In other equipment, she has Bracelet of Submission (to deflect any kind of projectiles or destructive energy), Gold Armour (to protect her body), tiara and Lansinarian Morphin Disk.



Wonder Woman’s sole mission was to spread peace by defeating the evil forces begun with stopping of the malicious plot by Ares to demolish the world.



Though she promotes and protects peace around the world by fighting evil but often struggles to understand the way human behaves in the cynical age where war and chaos are the only things evident.

A woman who ruled in many eras and ended up being a government agent has been leading her life with many human skills including maintaining her secret identity (but never lost her royal charisma). Wonder Woman endeavours her excursion in order to understand and unlock the true potential of humanity.


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