The Ultimate Superhero: Chapter 02 – Shaktimaan



Shaktimaan aka Gangadhar was trained by Siddha Guru of cult name Suryavanshi, ardent followers of Sun. Due to his determination and persistence, he was able to awaken 7 chakras (Energy, Creative, Astral, Heart, Vibration & Psychic) of a human body during the Kundalini Yoga. In the process, he received supernatural power and swore to follow the path of truth and justice serving humanity.



This superhero is blessed with Yogic Shakti. He gained complete control of his by performing Yajna in which he offered his body to fire and dissolved it. Then, the five elements of life – fire, earth, sky, water and air – help resurrect him facilitating special powers.

He has unlimited speed, super strength enabling to penetrate anything and ability to fly, shoot fire from his hands, emit rays from a fingertip, blow a stream of freezing air and send out protective force fields. His superpower entirely depended on his willpower.

Shaktimaan can also turn his body into a semi-transparent mode to walk through a solid wall and see inside/other side objects. His psychic power includes telepathy, teleportation and telekinesis.

These limitless powers stand him parallel to god.



Shaktimaan dedicated his life serve humanity by fighting for truth and justice. His mission is to defeat his archenemy Kilvish by destroying sins within people.



Leading his dual life – Gangadhar as photograph later professor in civilian life and Shaktimaan as protector of truth – he always has to put efforts to reach the height of his willpower which gives him a strength to control his power and defeat any enemies (often sent by Kilvish) around the globe.


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