The Ultimate Superhero: Chapter 05 – Nagraj


Long ago, when earth held as the first visiting place for any god, there existed a kingdom Takshaknagar ruled by Takshakraj and his queen Lalita. After so many of trying, they were succeeded to have a child. Then they turned to their family deity Deva Kaljayi (God Kaljayi) whose blessing finally resulted to the queen being pregnant. They continued praying Deva Kaljayi. But one day Takshakraj’s younger overambitious brother put mongoose on an offering plate served to Kaljayi by queen Lalita. The snake god immediately knocked her unconscious with the poisonous breath.


After seeing the grief of king, his heart melted and he offered to save his wife’s life on one condition. The venom had to be transferred to their unborn child. The king had no choice but to agree with the terms. The born baby was all blue and thrown in a river as a part death ritual.

The baby was found by king Maniraj and queen Manika, rulers of Ichchhadhari Naags (snakes that have an ability to transform their body into any living things). Apparently, Deva Kalajayi appeared in the king’s dream who also was suffering from childless times. The kid was alive.

After so many years and a regular treatment had shown the result with the baby’s body color changing to green. With this good news, the king announced to adopt the baby as his son. Later, an evil shape-shifting Tantrik (snake-person) attacked the palace in the greed of throne and escaped with this baby. He abandoned the kid at some temple.

By this time, the baby was almost cured and his body color changed to human body color. He woke up and started crying which was heard by a priest. The priest gave this boy to Professor Nagmani who had been experimenting with snakes by catching them in the jungle. He named the boy Nagraj. During his tests, he discovered the extraordinary body functions and abilities of the boy.



For the starters, Nagraj, instead of white blood cells, has millions of microscopic snakes hidden and flowing within his blood. He is superhuman level physically strong and quick with extraordinary healing capacity. His membrane restores venomous gas that he could shoot through his mouth. As he resembles many properties of a snake, his bite can be much poisonous than potassium cyanide which can even melt the human body in a second.

He can emit snake like a rope which helps him move from one place to another. Nagraj has hypnosis ability that enables him to take control any living things’ mind. He can transform into a snake at any time.

Later in the comics, he even had Ichchhadhaari power with the ability turn his body into trillions of molecules for the few seconds. There are many snakes resides in his body: glowing snakes, Nagfani sarp (cactus snakes), explosive snakes, shape-shifting snakes, giant snakes, paranatural snakes which wrap around Nagraj’s head to fights against souls or invisible powers. Few snakes live in Nagraj body, they are:

Saudaangi, Sheetnag Kumar and Naagu.



Because of his far-fetched but intriguing birth-story, he already has so many nemeses from Nagpasha to Tantrik and his final savior but evil mind Professor Nagmani. His mission includes saving human as well as Nag dynasty.



His tragic birth events and childhood always challenge his willpower to take control of his psychic power. He unknowingly pursued many traumatic ventures for so many years, until he became young, which often haunts him and gets him exposed his vulnerability in front of capable enemies. He is the most powerful Snake-Man as well as a dangerous person in the entire world at the same time.


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