How Do You Become An Interesting Person

Often I come across such questions on Quora, FB or even in daily life. Especially, if you are working at some prestigious company and your life trails mostly between office and home.

To be very honest, I had also struggled with this about 2-3 years back.

Disclaimer: This post is strictly for 9-6 (or more) work people.

If you ask people they will give you their opinions, motivational lines, simple life hacks. But I would like to provide some used and unused practices intermixed with my experiences.

Before I mush all my thoughts, I must begin with this line

“Human is a fascinating creature. The world is full of humans. So, you can spot drama everywhere. Interesting, isn’t it?”

Famous quote what I follow,

“Work is not your life; Build your work around your life, not your life around your work!”


Everyone knows this but time-to-time, you need to remind yourself!
I go to work at around at 9 am and leave by 7 pm. This way I get a lot of time to relax, have my coffee, any personal work or entertainment (movie, music. novel or youtube) or any big challenges I need to complete. I usually sleep by 2 am.

  1. Disconnect Yourself From Work After Work: As soon as you come from the office, lie down to your bed on your back as well as your front with eyes closed and take deep breaths (concentrate on it). Be there for almost 10-15 minutes. Then take a glass of water.
    It will relax most of the cells in your body and energize you. Also, it will clear all your thoughts you’ve had in an entire day.

    Write Anything: Take a piece of paper(s) and write anything whatever thoughts coming to your mind, in any font size and language. Do not resist a single thought even the silliest or weirdest or horrible or frightening or happy. Once you are tired of writing or feel enough, stop it, have a 5-10 minutes break and read that paper(s). That is your personal paper(s)!



    Why is it needed? A human mind is complex and organized at the same time. On the daily basis, we indulge in so many activities (even for monotonous work) and our mind generates various thoughts; most of which we choose to ignore or push it to our subconscious mind. This creates chaos, we feel lost and consider life a problematic one.

    Once you put everything on paper and read it you can identify what causes you frustration or depression! Trust me after this you feel organized and happy! Try this whenever you are feeling really low (in 1 month, 1 week or a year; depending on you).


    Drama Everywhere: The world is a set stage and it’s a platform to see many characters around you. Consider yourself a protagonist of your life and try to observe people around you (don’t have to stalk or give uncomfortable stare).



    You start to see the different perspective and mostly, it will be noticing funnier things including the changes in expression, posture, how differently someone talks with different people, their body language and so much more. You can witness the live drama around you!

    Also, if you find anything interesting or inspirational incidents you can always note down on your sticky notes.

    You can read more on this on my blog-post An Artist’s Way to Make the Boredom Interesting


    Organize Thoughts: One of the most important questions we ask ourselves is what we want from our lives.


    Once you get a hang of all previous points you can actually understand what interests you more. Identify it and make it your hobby first!

These all points are tried and tested. At some point, you will feel much lighter and know how and where to lead your life!

Also, I must recommend travelling with friends or solo; because you are alone, not lonely!

In the end, I would like put one more quote which I believe,

Keep doing whatever you are doing; maybe you are inspiring someone!

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