Happily Turns into

Before I pull out my socks again and bore you with my overwhelming thoughts on this blog page, I must apologise for not writing anything in last two months. I was not that busy except for the last 3 weeks, not even disturbed or distressed. I am indolent and a worse planner for anything (something I was made aware of recently).

In fact, my office gave me final warning last week as I was consistently late and irresponsible towards my presence in the office. I shall receive a termination letter for my behavioural issue if I’d repeat any such kind of indiscipline; especially, with respect to ‘coming on time’. Apparently, I’d been given enough privileges and now, my case won’t fall into exception category anymore. No more excuses!

Well interestingly, I’m not worried or tensed or scared of any of the above remarks. This peculiar attitude raises a question, what I was asked during my intervention (behavioural issue one) in office, whether I care about this job or not? This is another big topic to discuss, maybe sometime later.

After an apology and information on my current corporate life chapter, I hereby officially announce that my (this) blog site turned to which is a huge step; because you know, you have to pay for it. I also promise that from now onwards in 2017, I shall be (at least, try to be) more regular here.

Check out my poetry blog: Poetry Jukebox ( where I posted a poem yesterday – named as A Slice of Love or What? Do read it carefully; because who knows my next post could be based on this poem which is loosely inspired by the plot-point of the best movie of 2016 (or maybe decade; you decide) La La Land.

Oh, I can’t wait to recommence my diary wherein we shall rediscover new philosophy, enjoy boring tales, express star crazy emotions and glance upon the past. And yes, do not forget to hear the soundtrack of the movie La La Land.

Wish you a very happy, prosperous and resolution-completed 2017!

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