This New Year, Choose Your Life, Experience Bit of It!

I have been reading on Quora for so long, maybe more than 4 years. In all these years, I found that it has become the best platform to ask any question especially related to relationships. Recently, I have answered this question, which was asked by some guy who got ditched by an insensitive girl (according to him). The question was:

If a girl rejects you what is the best way to get her to regret her decision?

People who do not know about Quora, it is a questionnaire platform to provide the answer by the intellectual (supposedly) audience.

I answered it with a story comprising of a boy and a puppy. But later, I realised that this knowledge sharing platform is congested with more than half of such questions that transforms this into a juggle of who can be the greatest and most inspiring fellow decided by maximum hits.

One guy or lady comes up with a relationship question and people are hovering over to give him/her opinions with philosophical sentences. They are so called relationship experts; at least few of them like to call themselves. But my problem is not with any of them. They are doing what they are supposed to do whether to actually help or just to get upvotes and recognised (this is another topic which has a lot of deeper layers).

Through this post, I would like to address everyone who is trying to get an answer for their relationship battle.

Now I am going to talk a lot like a so-called ‘philosopher’ and ‘relationship expert’ (you shall decide on this at the end of this post); irony, isn’t it?

Remember your childhood (I feel that more than 90 percent of our problems can be solved by glancing over our childhoods) when you were in the process to learn walking and interact with so many things. There you wanted to see everything with a new perspective. You wanted to see, you wanted to touch, you wanted to make a connection with body reaction and facial expressions; in short, you were curious. You never felt of judging remarks, you never tried to shy away from expressing yourself and you never understand the meaning of rejection.

What happened to that kid?

You found someone who you feel could be your soul mate or the one or the love of your life. But, the more you are into that relationship the more you are clueless about it and you are worried. Why? Do you imagine that kid being so tensed by thinking what if everyone around would laugh if they fell?

No, they won’t be tensed!

Sure, that kid would cry after a failed attempt to walk but not because of the people laughing at them, it would be because that kid was physically hurt for the many first times in the life. So why not take everything including pain and happiness in the same way!

So my friend, fall in love not because you need to but because you found someone amazing.

Feel the joy of being there for a while.

Give someone a space in your heart.

Get ditched or ditch someone.

Call the person you wanted so badly.

Be insane or sane in the relationship.

Frustrate your mind with all the thoughts and tough time.

Be depressed and find a way to come out of it.

Get over it.

Experience love!

Choose life.

If you’d ask me what life is, I would say that

Life is just like your parents or guardians. It’s encouraging you to pick yourself up and walk again till you reach to them!

So, this year: Stop complaining about life. Give it a chance. Experience everything what it’s stored for you!

Wish you an amazing year of 2017.

Keep Reading Keep Humming Keep Failing Keep Living!

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