A Letter to Entire Human Race

Dear Human,

I’d like you to remember the very first moment when you arrived to this world (Don’t go to Sir Charles Darwin Theory). I believe that you won’t memorize it at all. Can’t blame you? But you do remember you are human, don’t you?

As the world has been getting smaller due to the technology advancement, I feel that you have been shrinking your mind into your own select group. Everyone seems to be an activist of their group and ‘aware’ of their rights.

I am Hindu; Hindus should have their rights

I am Muslim; Muslim should have their rights

I am a Messi Fan;

I am from Jammu;

I am from Yadav community;

I am an Indian;

I am a Congress supporter; I am a BJP Supporter

I belong to Sunni;

I am black;

I am from minority;

I am Gay;

I am white;

I am from 90s;

I am Bi-sexual;

I am a man;

I am a woman;


I am a dog; Dogs should have their rights (why not?)

I am an animal; Animal should have their rights (why not?)

I am a cow; Cows should have their rights (why not?)

I am a Mango Tree; Mango Trees should their rights (why not?)

Everyone should have their rights!

Sounds ridiculous? But you have been chanting these statements from decades, centuries or from the day since you were born. Interestingly, all the names are given by you.

One fine day you were getting bored you invented a word Man and gave it to the people who resemble almost the same body structure.

One fine day you were getting bored you invented a word Black (inspired from your recent discovery of many colors existed in the world) and gave it to the people of certain color.

One fine day you were getting bored you invented a word Muslim and gave it to a certain group of people practicing the same thing.

One fine day you were getting bored you invented a word… And so on!

After creating so many groups, you were gladly sitting in your chair sipping your coffee or your beer or piss and feeling proud that there is a grand game you invented to keep you engaged for your entire life.

Now, all you needed was spice. Thus you ignited a thought of one group being superior, similar to the corporate slogan ‘We are the best’. That alone sparked a new life in the game which keeps transforming its bad taste with changing generations.

Did you realize that you sowed the word Hatred?

Hatred is like Beer; it tastes bad at first. Once you get past that you start taking it more and more. You seem to enjoy it better than any of the beverages. In fact, you can differentiate between the two brands just by tasting it.

I would like to you all the self-nominated first runners of their group, who gave you right to talk about others? Can’t you just talk about yourself, about your rights, about your misery, about your wrongs, about your developments, about your etc, etc and etc?

Did you forget you are human first then you belong to a gender, a language, a religion, a cast, a nation, a region, a race or any other groups you think you are attached to?

You did forget, didn’t you?

You want to be anything but human; because it was not fun anymore!

I hope some of you soon understand this and stop imposing your thoughts on the entire community just because you think you can speak for the people.

If not, then one fine apocalyptic day we all (including other species) will be destroyed and all your Hindu, Muslim, India, Nationalist, Super-nationalist, vegetarian, white, woman, man will be extinguished from this Earth. Perhaps then for a moment, you’d recall that you were human.


A Selfish Bastard Human

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