Wonder Woman Movie Review (No Spoilers)

A little late to come up with this review, though I watched it on last Thursday. But better late than never!

Wonder Woman entails the cinematic experience along with the long-awaited tale projecting a female protagonist as a superhero.

The story combines the Greek mythology and the world war one era so impressively that you are often compelled to believe it was all real. An encompassing content, staggeringly crafted script, near perfect performance, magnificent visual, powerful direction and empowering climax: what else do you want from a movie.

Story Line

Diana, the princess of Amazons, gets to know the spread chaos and conflicts among humans in the outside world. She comes out her home island Themyscira which is unknown and hidden from the world and willingly takes the responsibility to fight the World War I to end all the wars which she feels created by Ares – the Greek God of war and the son of Zeus (God of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods). Finally, she discovers her true identity and purpose.

Story Review

If you are thinking Wonder Woman is just about World War story then you might be surprised because it has more and bigger problems to cover, like all 3 previous DCEU movies.


The history of Wonder Woman is ancient and extremely difficult to contextualize in the today’s scenario. The writers Zack Snyder, Allan Heiberg and Zason Fuchs should be given accolades for their fantastic effort for turning this into an easy-to-understand tale by connecting it to the World War I. The story followed Diana from her childhood till the adulthood capturing her innocence, curiosity to learn about the outside world (especially about men), unimaginative warrior skills, changing beliefs, love, sadness and who she really is. The story succeeds to tell how the world has accepted Wonder Woman and vice-versa.

The dialogues were thoughtful and going very well with the scene. It was revealing deeper layer of each character even in their subtle jokes.

Music, Camera and Visuals

Wonder Woman’s intro score has already been a massive hit in BvS and roars the epic character with the heart pounding cheer for her. In this movie, all the background score has been relevant and helps the scene move forward. In fact, the music plays a supporting actor in the movie to let the audience feel the emotions with characters.


Despite having lots of VFX, the camera is successfully able to capture the striking imagery, thanks to its production design and location scouting team.

The visuals are commendable and feels extraordinary in many shots. It made Lasso of Truth rope work which in itself could turn out to be a big joke. Also, the climax scene is extremely well-presented through the camera and visually.


First and foremost, Gal Gadot is born to play Wonder Woman. She has shown an excellent balance of innocence and aggressiveness in her role. The icing on the cake was her being perfect all the action sequences. She has a charm of warrior as well as elegant beauty.


Chris Pine is another bite in gold. If I had not watched his last year released movie Hell or High Water (Oscar nominated) I would not have trusted his ability to pull off such top-notch act from him. He truly supports Wonder Woman in every scene. The chemistry between both of the actors has given some of the best romantic as well as comical moments. Connie Neilsen and Robin Wright have done a fantastic job as Wonder Woman’s mother (the queen) and aunt (the warrior). Danny Houston and David Thewlis are charismatic actors and in this movie, they are well under the skin of their character. Elena Anaya as Dr. Maru has very less screen time but she has done a decent job.

Special mention to Lucy Davis as a secretary of Steve Trevor. She has given a good laugh with her comic timing.


When Patty Jenkins was tightening sleeves to direct this movie, the enormous amount of expectations from the producers, Comic fans and movie lovers. I am delighted to say that her work has gone beyond expectations.


I have read about her interview where she herself accepted that she has been inspired by 80s Superman movies. One can surely notice it in this movie. She has undoubtedly captured the meaning of hope which has been spread to us all the Superman movies in all these years. Despite DC extended universe being so dark, the Wonder Woman character has come out with lots of positive messages.

Final Words

If you are a newbie to any superhero movie this is the best movie to start. If you are a comic book fan then I bet you will watch this movie at least twice in theaters.

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