The Sketch of a Boy Visiting Town on Crumpled Paper

Crumpled Paper - Town.jpg

Unrecognized by this world, one doesn’t simply falsify the prowess and curb the enormous endowment. I often lack the sense of guilt; because every time, I somehow discover the morally correct reason for my momentous act. But my thoughts impel me to shoo away any fear that could drastically torment my interaction with the society.

One pack of milk, two eggs and three picks of bread were enough to spend the random 3-4 hours on this irksome town. At my forefeet, there were some random red lines drawn in an irregular manner. As my interest intrigued I noticed that the fickle sketch expanded linearly on the road leaving its footmarks everywhere on the tree branches, on the wall as well as the roof of the houses hidden by the tree, on the ground where I was standing and on my belly cutting my body and some portions of my hands.

In a few seconds, I saw the darkness coming upon me devising the disappearance show. Before I blinked, the entire city vanished in a quite vague manner. Though I heard some churning sound which was ignorable; but I ended up determining the connection between that audio and vanishing picture.

Just before the end of this calamity – although I can’t claim it as a natural disaster – I felt the strong air flow strangely striking onto a few parts of my body. For the last act, I happen to see the reappearance of some of the leaves on the ground attached to the thin layers.

Now after 3-4 hours of that calamity, there is not a slight change in the surroundings. I am only able to see leaves, a part of the road where I am supposed to be standing and above waist part of my body. However, there were few shakes and some thumping sound I heard but it didn’t change any of the objects around me.

I finished my breakfast including the milk. I am scared and I feel that I stranded in this world as I can find no human or animal whatsoever. It seems that the universe may have some plans for me or it will send someone to rescue or guide. I believe that I have no option but to wait.

But I am waiting to do what exactly? Oh… how did I end up being in this town where all these weird things are happening? Who am I?

The End

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