And They Went to Disneyland: The Florida Project (No Spoilers)

Almost every year in the Academy, there would be at least one movie which sets aside all the complexities of the story some filmmakers love to serve. Those movies put up a simple story in the most beautiful form. Last year, it was La La Land; Room in 2016; Boyhood in 2015 and The Florida Project in 2017; although, The Florida Project is nominated for Oscars in the best film category and after I finished watching this movie, I do not understand why?

Anyway, the Academy has its biases and cons but nevertheless, this film should be watched at least once in the lifetime.

The film starts with a kid running and calling out two names. He reaches out to those other kids and in his half breath, he informs them about some vehicle standing on the parking. They left the place just to spit on the car. Trust me, the entire movie is full of these silly mischief and adventure perpetrated by Moonee and her friends.

Sean Baker, the director, has been under the carpet for so long now. It’s time that we, as the audience, give him his due credit for genuine effort to showcase the new perspective in the filmmaking. What kinds of movies he has made if you ask?

Tangerine, Starlet and Prince of Broadway

Just look it up for their storyline and you will understand how different these movies are. A couple of times, he spent every single thing including all the money and talent he had to make a movie and release. However, I am not going to persuade you to watch his movies out of pity; because his movies fall into side-stream cinema and somewhat, not of the taste of popcorn cinema audience. In fact, the Florida Project somehow can be called a mainstream cinema.

Let’s come back to the movie review after an important detour.

The Florida Project is a story about a six-year-old girl whose mom has been struggling to make a living. They live on a weekly charged basis in a room of the motel.

The intriguing aspect of this movie is its coloured background (literally) which blooms several buildings and the unique localities. Even the costumes worn by the leads are of vibrant colours. The dialogues seem improvisational that renders the great chemistry between the actors. The music is alluring to ears with some beautiful tracks including orchestral tune of the song Celebrate performed by Kool & The Gang. Most of the shots are taken from the height of the six-year-old Moonee which helps to present the perspectives of a kid about the life she is in.

Related image

Moonee can find friends in anyone; she has no obligation to say always the right thing; she can play games with whatever and whomever she wants; and, she can find happiness in whatever situation she is in. Her mother, despite her rebellious nature, never parents Moonee. In fact, she encourages as well as takes part in living the fun moment.

Moonee never moans; because the music is always about celebration.

Hence, while we can realize the character facing hard facts of life, the movie goes one step up in showcasing the boldness, the innocence of childhood in everyone and the sheer joy of living every moment. This is the final conclusion, I must present to the audience who must watch this film.

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