A Quick Memory Scan of A Clown

If you think that the clown often goes berserk with no motives, then, my dear friend, you’ve never understood a clown. Their behaviour and thinking about the world are similar to any humans, except for one fact:

They Accepted Failure.

Not only accept, but they sometimes celebrate!

That’s my understanding of a clown from my experience of playing it.

Why suddenly am I talking about clowns?

Because today is the second anniversary my very first performance of the clown play named “Not Going to Supermarket”. The play follows a small kid’s journey from an innocent kid to a gullible and stoic corporate product. The play was directed by one of the theatre colleagues and my mentor Vishal Bhandary.

Last year in September, we again did two performances which were received positively by the crowd. They were absolutely spellbound (it was their words) with the echoic storyline intertwined in apt music and colourful lights. It definitely prompted so many questions and pushed the audience to think even after the show.

Personally, for me, it was a heartfelt experience throughout the play’s duration as I could see the downfall of the character planned by the norms of the society. In that process, the boy had to sideline his dream.

What does a clown mean to me?

The clown is certainly not about uncanny laughs and superficial objectives as portrayed in tv commercials and films. They are not extraordinary. In fact, they are the most ordinary among all humans showcasing the apt expression according to their character for the particular situation. Sometimes, the thought, that someone is watching, completely misses out from their mind. And the audiences laugh at it! What they don’t know that they are actually laughing at themselves.

Well, you can definitely see my excitement about the clown; I definitely have lots of attraction toward it. Probably that’s why I was able to surpass the beginner level so finely. I have received a few accolades from the audience and theatre people. A Belgian theatre artist and my director both of them have called me a natural clown. I must admit that I am a little proud of myself that I was able to successfully insulate the nuances of the clown in me according to my director’s vision.

As for future, I would definitely like to continue exploring more on the clown journey. I have shared this thought with my director. I am sure that something will come up in the coming months or years.

With this, I am closing my bucket of memories and dare to ask you – What do you think of the Clown?

Let me know in the comment and I shall reply. Keep Reading Keep Humming

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