Hey Artist, Go Berserk with Your Creation

With this article, I would like to stress on two points:

1) Why not following the trends for your creative work is completely fine.

2) Your creativity shouldn’t be the slave of audiences’ expectations and understandings.

3) You do not need to be the best


Before I start pouring my over-the-top-of-my-head thoughts and baffling statements, I would like to mention:

If you, as an artist, generate content or creative pieces for the big numbers of likes and followers, then, in my view, you are punishing your inner self. Your expressions have never been real and in fact, disguise the artist in you.

In this baffling world, most of the people are still unable to figure out how art can improve the humanity and the development of the society. Probably, that’s why any art-related jobs are not as respected as any other job. Often the art forms are treated as an entertainment or an antique piece/experience/hobby which you can appreciate once in a while when you are bored with your job and perhaps, life.

In short, their value, in terms of money, is not determined. Either, as an artist, you do it for free or if you are a popular ‘entertainer’, you will get millions.

We all know this fact. Now, here comes another three for the people who are in the art field. This is my view.

1) Not following the trends for your creative work is completely fine

Image result for following trends psychology
Picture Credit: Dilbert Cartoon

We probably live in the world where we are drawn to make content according to the marketing trends. It is like a burden on you because everyone else is doing it with their bad or good content. It’s exhausting to think about it if you are not able to pull out some fresh ideas on the current scenarios/trends from your intellectual sleeves. I think that’s exactly what we are afraid of: being great that stops those tiny ideas to come into existence (this I will be covering in my third point).

Let’s face it, our ultimate goal is to become popular. Showing our potential to create content on trending topics is one of the ways to do so. But I say that we do not need to take the pressure of building content on trending topics. If it comes, great; But if it doesn’t come, then that’s fine too. We do not have to depreciate our efforts for the things we can’t control. The key thing is that we want to connect with the audience and audience will come gradually to appreciate our art.

That brings to my second point.

2) Don’t be a slave of audiences’ expectations and understandings

Image result for Audience won't like it
Picture Credit: AdvertiseMint

In my 5-years small span of being an artist, I was often told to generate content according to the audience demand. I refused to do so every time.


Honestly, I was more comfortable exploring my inner self rather than what audience like.

In this process, I realized that a very few people would actually watch or connect with my poetry or blog or acting. Instead of changing my perspective, I was becoming comfortable with the thought that probably nobody would like to see or appreciate my work.

I always believed that exploring any art form is the process of understanding yourself. It’s a long, tiring and perhaps, a never-ending process but undeniably, it’s magical and becomes a roller-coaster ride. I don’t claim that I fully understand myself but the deeper I dug the calmer I became.

Follow your instincts, not how the audiences like it. Audiences’ inability to understand your work should not affect your improvements. Don’t put your level down for the sake of their understandings. You do not follow what audience expects; it’s the other way around.

3) You do not need to be the best

Related image

The other day, I was talking to my friend. She told me that she has some ideas to work around, make a video and put it on the YouTube. Ideally, she should have started something but she didn’t. The reason she uttered was, I believe, somewhat common.

“Whenever I think of some ideas I want it to be the best. Then I look at many websites and I see that a lot of people have already worked on those ideas in the best way possible. And I feel what’s new I would be bringing; it won’t that great. I drop the idea.”

I retorted,

“A lot of people write novels, does someone stop writing another one. A lot of people make millions of movies, does someone stop making another one.”

This happens not just with the artist but with anyone who would like to start something.

The bottom line is that we can’t be the best. Everyone knows that becoming the best is a slow and the long journey but we probably hurt our confidence with those clammy clouds of thoughts. If we want to become good at something, we need to start from somewhere. And that something comes from inside, taking just one step.

Anything I said above is not we’ve not heard before but we may need a timely reminder of these three facts.

So, all the artists or readers or dreamers,

Go berserk with your creation.

Saying ‘Go Berserk’ is probably too harsh but it may pull out the best which you ought to present in front of the world.

Do you have any other important points to add to remind us artist? Please mention in the comment section and let’s have a discussion there.

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5 thoughts on “Hey Artist, Go Berserk with Your Creation

  1. Hi Shivesh,

    wanted to comment earlier but got pulled into other daily distractions !

    Completely agree with your views that an artist should stay true to himself and not get swayed by trends on social media of what is acceptable writing or what sells.

    Thanks for a thought provoking article 🙂

    Best wishes

    Liked by 1 person

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