Are We Too Shy to Say ‘Hi’?

Are we?

Let’s analyze it by taking a situation.

Last evening, I got a call from my junior whom I have never met. Of course, before that he messaged me asking for some help and as a despiser of long talk over chat, I requested to call me up. For the first few minutes of introductory speeches from both sides, he admitted that he was not sure how I am going to respond to his greet. Later, once our business was completed, I assured him that anyone from our batch will show no hesitance in attending the call from any of our juniors.

His small hiccup of thoughts made me wonder and I asked myself,

Are we really living in the world where we are too afraid to say ‘Hi’?

Probably that’s why I was often given or made guilty of all those weird expressions and awkward silence treatment, whenever I tried to connect with them. (Or perhaps, they hate me! But this is not what we are discussing here.)

Is it this generation’s problem?

Let’s look at the people born in the 80s or 70s or before and remember the time when the internet didn’t take over the world. That was the time when people always go up front, greet each other and talk for hours. Most of the times, there was no reason for them to zib-zab about their life, discuss the political scenario or talk about locality or area’s conundrums.

Yes, I understand. Those times were simpler as there were no revolutions in mobile, tech and the internet world. People who were connected to each other were from one locality or office/school/college colleagues. That generation souls have made harder effort to be connected than this (my) generation people because we are just one click away from anyone.

Are we too busy?

There is one question arisen in two particular scenarios:

What comes to our mind when somebody from a-long-ago-circle messages you without explaining the reason?

We want to know why he/she is messaging you. And if there is no particular reason, we may not want to continue the discussion. Forget about others, sometimes I do that (- only, sometimes).

What comes to our mind when we want to connect for no solid reason with somebody from a-long-ago-circle?

We would like to come up with an excellent excuse for connecting with him/her. In this fast-paced world, where everyone seems busy, it’s imperative to think this way. I am guilty of this as well.

Switch to our imbecile mind

In my years of experience, I have achieved in bringing people closer. Those, who are not present in my life, know how generously I have tried to keep them at one platform; hence, they can’t complain.

Life is not a profit-loss statement. We have been pouring our heart and soul in understanding all kinds of technologies, but let’s not lead a robotic life which works on passing information for the particular set of algorithms. We can forget all the differences and distances generated over the years and respond or initiate a conversation, like a curious child. We don’t need to have particular reason to talk.

Let’s connect.

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