We Get The World We Want

The exact quote I have on my wall written on a sticky note. The idea is very simple – You have the power to change your view of the world you are continuously creating.

Let me ram it up for you.

You are on a long-drive trip alone. In this journey, you might face various turns of events like the change in weather, motion sickness, scintillating views, horrendous/scary or sybaritic places and people with strange views, language, attitude & look. But at last, you are on your own, carrying your drive to various stops and turns. But the fun part is that you have no idea about your ultimate destination.

This is your life. Nobody is driving it but you.

So the next time you feel down and perhaps after the round of depressive sessions, you feel that everyone is doing great in their life except you, then remember this:

Everyone’s life is miserable (more or less at times) for one reason or another. They all are looking for one or two or million things which they would like to relate to a little feeling called happiness. But guess what, there is no such thing as happiness, in my view. Happiness, sadness and other emotions are just the phases. So, stop running behind happiness. Run for yourself.

After this small weird quote, if you think that I want you to call yourself a Hero, then no.

No, you are not a HERO. Nobody is. Don’t let those sick advertisements make a fool of you with their superficial dream-stories of you being the next superstar. We are just protagonists of our lives trying to drive through days.

There is a book named The Hero with a Thousand Faces that combines the modern psychology with Joseph’s Campbell’s revolutionary understanding of comparative mythology. You can get more details and even, buy this book here – The Hero with a Thousand Faces

Deep down, we know this truth but we don’t want to accept it. There is another truth:

We control the steering wheel of this drive. We get to choose when to stop, slow down, turn, speed up or move away. By not losing track of your way, perhaps you will inspire others. Then, they will call you Hero – A Real Hero.

If you want to have a clear perspective, read two books The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck and Think Straight; Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Do share your opinion in the comment section. I will be happy to read and reply.

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