A Quick-Bite Life Update

It’s been a long time since I have posted anything on my blog, especially after a few movie reviews and a couple of philosophical posts. Let me give you some updates (Basically, I am going to brag but I want you all to see it as my experience and understand the path before you jump right into it.)

I am going through a big transformation altering my path from a corporate-cum-artist to an artist. For this change, I had to strengthen mind to keep saying no any full-time writing job offers; Instead, looked freelance projects in creative writing, theatre-based collaboration, filmmaking opportunities and acting chances.

For the initial months, I had nothing but one or two projects with no remunerations. I am not sure whether I was ever openly demanding; I should be but I didn’t. I still don’t do. The hardship comes when you have to pay your bills. And if you are too ideal or stubborn on your words like me then you will be facing challenges. Basically, once the saving is over you will be depending on your friends for the loans. The good thing was that I never had any bank loans or EMI to pay every month. This could be the first thing you must do. Be free from all the loans from the bank.

People do not give you a part-time job just like that. They will need to have a trust in you and it takes time which means that sometimes, you have to work free. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are. Fortunately, I have been associated with 1-2 clients from 2 -3 years while I was a corporate gimbal.

Long story short – I was a full-time employee. Then I had a setback; deceived by my employer who still refuses to pay me. Then I became a Work-From-Home employee due to the trust I built with my previous client. Later, I was jobless, frustrated and drooping to the depressed zone; lost interest to go out there to set my profile. And later, pushed myself to find intrinsic motivation and picked up my gear to have ample space in my mind to hold as many as strings as I can.

Today, I am working on almost 4-5 paid projects, 2 non-paid creative projects and in talks for 2-3 upcoming projects (paid one). However, the financial situation has not improved but it certainly looks better in the future. Yeah, not a rock star, huh!

Let’s talk about my new year resolution.

365 Quotes, 100 Poems, 50 Blog-Posts, 4 Stories, 2 Films and 1 Novel

Wow, that’s ambitious! I don’t know what I was thinking when I made this resolution (More of a challenge).

Before determining the progress, I must tell you that to become independent, you must acquire as many skills as you can. You must be open to all areas and be ready to explore those in your own way.

Right now, I have had experience in all sorts of writing including blogs, social media content, webpage write-ups, marketing creative, story, poetry, playwrighting and film screenplay. Apart from it, I have learned various forms of theatre including street play, one-act play, mime, Improv theatre (Playback & Forum) and clown. I have developed the taste for movie watching and picked up the methods of filmmaking with the amateurish attempt.

These are 14-15 years of efforts since the beginning of my college days. To do all this, I have lost many years of sleep, friends, social life and family time. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t try. I did a lot in my limit to connect with friends; I still do and I will continue doing it. But sometimes, it’s really hard to develop a two-way connection. What I mean is that you have to deal with many sacrifices personally and professionally.

14-15 years of training and learning is huge but without any financial growth, it sounds ‘meh’! Another lesson is that you only master one or two skills but learn the business sense and self-marketing. I am really bad at this. Now, those learning are finally paying off when I give the solution to any of the problems much faster than they expect.

Okay, enough self-appreciation (perhaps, promotion). Let’s determine the count.

365 Quotes – I lost track of this. Initially, I was writing a lot but lost my way in between. It will be around 100. (Not bad)

100 Poems – Gladly, I have already past the magical number and will write at least 30 more.

50 Blog Posts – 16 posts including this little one; I need to cover a lot. I think it’s possible.

4 Stories – Officially, there is none. I still need to figure out the time and space to write it. I suppose I can 2 stories this year.

2 Films – My second film is completed just 3 days back. First film is already released and the second will be after November or December.

1 Novel – Not even started. This is going to be challenging but thinking to begin this November through December. Hopefully, I can complete the first draft without affecting much of my work.

Additional Initiatives

Video Making: This year I also began making videos and uploaded over 40 videos. I am sure I will be making more.

Book Reading: Like every year, I have taken a reading challenge to complete 25 books this year. To my surprise, I have already finished 19 books with 4 books in currently reading section.

Theatre: This year, it was less but I have managed to go onstage and perform 4 times.


Okay, this was quite a big bite of update. See you in the next post. Meanwhile, you can write to me for anything such as career or life counselling, to give love comments, to send abhorring messages, to just show yourself by saying ‘Hi’, to collaborate on any of your projects or to send me gift & kisses.

You can use either the comment section or write me at shiveshranjan7@gmail.com. Ciao!

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