Our Strange Love for Fantasy

…And he types the letter with his own pen to show his appreciation for my greatest achievement. I shall gladly accept it and show it to the love of my life. Then we walk together, travel the world and smile at each other while cruising through the sea.

Daydreamers at work! Do not disturb them. It would be unwise of us to show them the reality, no matter how screwed it is. It gives them fuels to slide the curtains closed and sets them free to lose half a day without any worries, responsibilities or work. And the smile they own at this moment you won’t find in a million years. Their body may not be moving but, trust me, they are enthralled inside, dancing like a hooter and shining like a star.

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Pic Credit: Bored Panda

Once their power of imagination stops filling the pieces of the dream, they come to the reality just to be disappointed with the feeling of unbelief. There might be a chance of existential crisis for a few minutes or hours or days. But, does it cease them to repeat the cycle again? No. They will enter repeatedly to experience the foreplay of their version of happiness and have orgasmic culmination because, in that world, they matter.

Nowadays, there is another version of this fantasy. What and where? You are looking at it. Daily, you read materialistic things, gawk over everyone else’s profile, gets envious to their goals & achievements, surfs through the pictures of beautiful people and watches non-sense videos to give your mind some relaxation.

Notifications, engagements, distractions, avoiding people and less human interaction! Check whether you’ve lost the sense of touch.

Is this real life?

Is this the fantasy?

Caught in a landslide

No escape from reality

Open your eyes

Open your eyes

Open your eyes – Credits must be served

Life is your responsibility.

But hey, it isn’t that bad. When a true hero is in bricks of solitude serving the downtime period, a little fantasy makes the whole situation lighter, makes them believe that it will be over and makes them hopeful, calm and patient.

A little bit of dreaming won’t hurt; after all, it is our strange love for fantasy, isn’t it?

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