Our Desperate Attempt For Connection

“Oh, we were at the bungee jumping place. He was so afraid of heights like agoraphobia. Guess what, I am also agoraphobic. We connected so well.”

“Yeah, we were talking a lot but you know what I didn’t find her interesting. I didn’t feel any connection there.”

It’s like an everyday talk when we meet strangers. We take a look at the person for their hygiene or clothing sense. We ask a few questions. We send and expect some regards or courtesies. But were we actually examine these qualities? We constantly look out for some imaginary (mostly pre-decided) threads so that we both can get hold of it and jump to the next level.

Our ridiculous quest for connection serves to our only selfish goals. You might want to ask

“How do we find love, then? Our sentiments for a connection give us a beginning of any love chapter.”

Correct. It does as long as we are not falling for the idea of love-at-first-sight. But after that beginning, our relationship status progresses further with many meetings. In all those meetings, either we scratch the same old common thread or search for other common things. The more we find the common links, the happier we are.

But the day will come when we do not relate. We give it 2-3 shots for the sake of old connections but it doesn’t work. Then we have to make a choice (at least, we think we have to). And the choice we make tells us about us (considering, the person is genuine and respectful)

“Were we actually trying to find love?” (If you are thinking to make a choice that means you already rejected the person due to not feeling connected.)

But some people do stick. They spend time together even if it doesn’t serve any particular selfish purpose. They devote personal time even when they do not understand each other. They stay together. They hold each other.

Image result for love connection surreal
Pic Credit: TruthTheory https://truththeory.com/2018/01/29/surreal-artwork-explores-intricate-relationship-humans-nature/

Yes, real love exists. But it doesn’t come from our need for connection. It comes from our beliefs. It comes from our efforts. It comes from our selflessness.

See, we mustn’t worry if we are not feeling connected. The only thing we need to do is to have faith and make effort to choose the right person.

How do you like this blog? Tell me if you felt a ‘connection’. You can share your opinion in the comment. Please tell me if you have a story to tell.

See you tomorrow.

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