Filmmaking & Life

Well, I’ve told you about the commencement of my filmmaking journey.

Today, my one more film got its release under a joint production with Surreal Reels Creation. My production is called Random Simile Talkies.

This language of film is in Hindi with the subtitle-enabling option in English. I have contributed as a supporting actor, production manager and the producer.

As eagerly as I want you to watch this film, I would like to express my emotions toward the cinema and filmmaking.

Since I have formed my production in December 2017, I have been continuously striving to gain ample knowledge on every aspect of filmmaking. I read a book named Digital Filmmaking by Mike Figgis (Director Leaving Las Vegas) given by my editor friend (he lent but I never returned). I try to acquire information and opinions from various learning and analysis videos (many are stupid by self-proclaimed geniuses). I watched a lot of movies and when I say it I mean a lot to enjoy and analyse.

The purpose of forming a team and creating a production was to apply all those learning and progress with each film. While I could see the positive impact in my films, the production also required me to seek a leader in me. Did I find it? Yes, I did. I was able to effectively communicate, provide valuable input and guide properly whenever needed.

Woah, Self Appreciation at its best. While we are at it, here’s my first short film as a writer, director & producer. Watch it and give your thoughts. The film language is English.

The important, rather funny thing is no matter how many films I will be making I can’t expect it to be a hit which can open the doors for a bigger platform. I do not want to be stuck here.

What do I want to do if I get it? Well, make movies with all kinds of stories, watch the audience to cry, laugh, get angry, confused and disturbed. During the progressive phase, one thing will be constant – Must improve with each project.

People who have read yesterday’s blog might be confused and probably thinking

“Huh, first theatre then yesterday Novel and today filmmaking – what are you? A show-off?”

Well, I do a lot of stuff.

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