Chasing Happiness

I was watching a video on BoJack Horseman subverting narrative. While telling the deeper meaning behind its plots, the video touched upon mental health by explaining the protagonist’s multiple encounters.

After watching, I realized how and why the show became one of my favourite shows of all time. BoJack Horseman gives a new definition of happiness which completely changes my perspective on life.

Those who haven’t watch the show, I recommend taking out some time and watching all 5 seasons (not right away, perhaps after reading the blog). It’s not just another animated series with the satirical plots but it deals with an important human complication – Depression, identity crisis, existential crisis and overall, mental health.

There has been a common tendency to work towards happiness. All our personal initiatives either in work, relationship, families and societies are to attain one single goal – Happiness. But happiness is not the equilibrium state of our mind. It’s probably hard to accept this fact that we are not made to be happy all the time. It’s a phase like any other phases of emotions – sadness, surprise, anger, disgust, fear and happiness. You might want to check out Inside Out philosophy or Naruto anime’s sadness philosophy.

We need to experience all emotions in order to be a human. Happiness is not as great as it has been forcibly shown in societies, advertisement & marketing campaigns, many movies, etc. It is just a phase.

Chasing happiness is not necessary.

The sooner you will accept it the easier it will be to deal with conundrums of life.

I hope that I am making sense here. If you feel related to it or otherwise please share your opinion at the comment section. I will reply at the earliest.

See you tomorrow. Keep Reading Keep Humming.

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