10 Unheard Hollywood Movies to Watch Anytime – Part I

Recently, I was at the party and I got a compliment from one of the editors I worked before that I have a deep knowledge of movies and can probably understand their synthesis. Honestly, I was surprised as I think that I am still in learning mode or perhaps, I wasn’t expecting such compliment. Anyway, with respect to that statement, I thought why not give a list of recommended movies which everyone can watch.

Here’s the list of 10 unheard Hollywood movies to watch anytime.

Stand By Me (1986)

A story about a group of boys’ adventurous journey to search for a dead body in a jungle. Directed by Rob Reiner based on the novel written by Stephen King, it gives the last real taste of innocence and the first good taste of life. The movie brings you back to the favourite part of your childhood when you developed a friendship while being excited for seeking out to experience death.

For the people who don’t know Stephen King – he is famous for his horror novels.

Begin Again (2013)

When it comes to musical films, I must mention The Sound of Music for classics or La La Land for the new generation. But Begin Again shows the collaboration between a new singer-songwriter and a broke music executive. Unlike any other, the prime focus of the movie was on musical beats and a musician and lyricist can turn their life into a fascinating career (the dream). The film exclaims the musical note with so balanced amount of background details of both the characters.

After Hours (1985)

Have you ever heard of Martin Scorsese? He is the greatest director of all-time with some classics and Oscar-nominated movies like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, The Departed, American Gangster, Hugo, etc. In 1985, he has made a dark comedy movie about bored workaholic man’s worst nightmarish journey to visit a just-met girl out of town. The movie heavily relies on its characters and the craziest theory of a murderer. It’s blood-chilling and crack-on-the-bone laughter film to watch anytime.

The Florida Project (2017)

I am sure you’ve never heard of Sean Baker who has been making independent movies from the last 18 years despite he was financially broke for several times. The Florida Project follows the mischiefs and adventures of a six-year-old girl with her playmates and her bonds with her rebellious mother who lives in the shadow of the Disney World. The movie is literally scintillating and provides the innocent perspective of life’s struggle. A joyous movie to watch anytime!

Everybody Wants Some!!

Whether you are high or just in the mood of boredom, this movie chills your hearts with many philosophical thoughts. The film focuses on a group of college baseball players just before 2-3 days their important final practices.

Make no mistake, the film is directed by Before-Series and Boyhood fame Richard Linklater who is famous for his Slice-Of-Life movies.

Let’s break this list into two. Come back tomorrow to get next 5 unheard recommended movies

Till then, Keep Reading Keep Humming Keep Watching!

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