10 Unheard Hollywood Movies to Watch Anytime – Part II

Earlier, you read a list of movies in genres like adventure, musical, dark comedy, the celebration of life’s struggle and slice-of-life. For the rest 5 films, we are going to begin with the mystery genre. If you’ve missed reading about previous 5 films, please check here.

Clue (1985)

Clue (1985) is set in a mansion where six guests are invited and unwantedly, became the part of a murder mystery. They must find the killer among them in order to save themselves.

The film creates much situational comedy with the compact character interactions and their, sometimes, hilarious and uncanny appearances. While solving the mystery, the film interestingly gives us three different endings. You can, however, choose your favourite or logical ending after you finished watching the movie.

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

If you know a little bit about Wes Anderson, then you may know that he is famous for using symmetrical frames for most of the scenes. Do you know what else his trademark is; creating awkward moments to generate comedy, unusual dialogues and his protagonist (or about to) starting on their self-discovery journey! While his framings are perfect, his characters are flawed. He plays with this contrast to bring freshness.

While we are talking about creating comedy through the characters’ awkwardness, we must watch any of Coen Brothers’ movies. They are brilliant in sketching their scenes with short & repetitive dialogues and more silence. They hold the camera to the characters when no one is talking. This creates awkwardness among characters which is hilariously funny if you notice.

The Darjeeling Limited is a story of three brothers travelling to India in order to re-bond after their father’s funeral. The adventurous path takes them on a spiritual journey by the Indian train while they were fighting many silly things. The movie has sublime visuals and a picturesque view of India.

The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)

Finally, Coen Brothers are here. The year 1994 has given the best movies of all-time like Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, The Shawshank Redemption, The Lion King, Ace Ventura, etc. Amidst these biggest timeless films, The Hudsucker Proxy has never found its well-deserved appreciation.

The story revolves around a young and naïve business graduate who is made President of the big manufacturing company for the stock scam after the suicide of the depressed President. The movie on the corporate idiosyncrasy has been made since, I believe, Chalie Chaplin’s Modern Times (1936). What makes this movie different and unique is its fairy-tale like approach (literally). Beautifully shot in New York, the movie is fast-paced with fast dialogues, uncanny characters, emphatic narration, and gothic-styled comedy.

True Romance (1994)

When it comes to wild romance, hardly anyone can beat Quentin Tarantino screenplay. Directed by Tony Scott, True Romance is a joyful but crazy ride of a couple who wants to sell Cocaine stolen from the Mob. The film perfectly shows how love can prevail in everything else in life. The chemistry between the lead pair is unbreakable with many visually stunning scenes.

Apart from Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette, if you must watch this movie anyone else then it’s nail-biting performance by Gary Oldman.

Ed Wood (1994)

Ed Wood is rather an unusual movie for its director Tim Burton who is known for his dark, gothic and eccentric fantasy film blended with horror elements. The film is a biopic of an enthusiastic and ambitious but a naïve movie director Edward D. Wood Jr. Yes, it fits the world of the human; thus can be called ‘normal’.

It’s a masterpiece by the director-actor pair. The movie takes several stops at the famous B-grade horror movie director’s life to show his motivation to idolize George Orwell, amazing optimism despite the ignorance by Hollywood’s tops and relentless hard work despite being talentless. The cinematography, production set, editing and curiously adequate amount of background score enable the viewers to empathise with the protagonist.

These were rest of the five unheard Hollywood classics you can watch anytime. Do you feel any underrated classic movie is missed? Please tell me in the comment section and we can discuss it. If I haven’t watched that then I promise that I will surely watch it and give my review on my blog.

See you tomorrow. Until then, Keep Reading Keep Humming Keep Watching!

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