Coming Out Of The Well

Today I coincidentally met one of my old colleagues. During the breaking-the-ice moment, he revealed that he has decided to start his own venture. In fact, he has already initiated the business on a very low scale to test and understand the initial responses. For that, he has taken a long leave from his current job and put all his efforts to create the product, the marketing campaign, show up in the market, become a salesperson to actually go out there and face the customer for their responses (good or bad or both).

It was nice of him to let me and my friend taste his product. We really liked the product and the thought behind it which makes it special.

He explained the product’s ingredients and his future plans to expand his business. I could see his face full of satisfaction of doing what he wanted to do in the first place. The inspiration behind the product resides in his childhood and mother. Also, he desperately wants to draw the line through which he could come out of the office cycle.

While talking excitedly, he also admitted the scary part of his new endeavour that is insecurity. He said,

Enough is enough. I somehow jump into this well.

And I chuckled in disagreement and blurted,

No, no, no, no… You are not in the well. You actually came out of the well and you are looking at the rest of the world for the first time. That’s why it feels fearful.

Basically, I referred to The Frog and The Well story.

I was really glad that someone in my circle has finally taken a step to do what his heart wants. Being an independent artist, I know exactly how he feels at this moment. I know if he copes up with it for a while and continues his work, he will enjoy it.

Today in the world of internet with the abundance of information and motivation, there is a sense of awareness, at least, among the metro city people to follow their passion. But there are very few who are willing to take risks and certain steps to make it happen. If someone like him (who’s been a reliable office guy but never really liked it) shows such courage, my appreciation for them certainly increases. Because trust me – I have seen and talked to lots of 9am-7pm people who constantly rant about their job and talk about their dreams but do almost nothing to make their way. They are in the same vicious circle and solving the same problem in waking as well as sleeping hours.

Now, I am not going to conclude this story with a moral and give some motivational speech. If you do not like where you are, what would you like to do? – It’s up to you to decide!

See you tomorrow. Keep Reading Keep Humming!

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