Lost in Translation – Viscosity

I really like the word viscosity, probably because I have never used it since my engineering days. I have completely forgotten its meaning. It was used in an ‘interesting’ subject called fluid mechanics.

Hey, all the aeronautical engineers and mechanical engineers in general – do not hate me for this. It’s been a long time I have given up on my mechanical engineering degree. But it’s nice to feel that I remember some of the words as remembering comes naturally to me. It has its benefits but sometimes, it’s painful. Like the glittering sun, it burns within, you keep on leaping through time. I could have hesitated while moving but the incidents never let me.

When they failed me, my keen mind went to smoke in pursuit of happiness. It was funny at first with all the coughing but my tenacious memory helped me prevailed. Although I forgot the fact there was a factor of a muse. I never realized that it could be that depressing. You know that people call that particular phase a writer’s block. When I think about it now, it was all the havocs and disorientation of thoughts in my head. I didn’t get the motivation to ‘work’ because something inspirational has gone. Later, I began to understand that it was all me; there is no such thing as “writer’s block”.

People are stupid; we all are but in our own time. And we should enjoy it and keep those memories in the reminiscing box for us to laugh in future. While I was building memories and pathetically keep sharing the past ones, my flow of delving (or uplifting) myself into future has been smooth. Hence, I think that we need that resistance, we need that viscosity to sail glaringly; to sail like Sinbad in high waves; to sail like a hoot in the stillness.

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