Procrastinator, Scold Yourself!

There are a million reasons that you delay your work and ‘busy’ is not one of them.

This morning when I was about to finish the after-sleep nap, my mind was occupied with hundreds of thoughts, a few deadlines which were already late, some uncertainty about the future and hurriedness to see all the notifications.

It was not just today; it’s the same for every day. Suddenly, I stood up on my feet and began scolding myself with some harsh truths for every fear and excuses I had. Here are some of the sentences I thrashed on me:

Remind yourself that she must not become your weakness. She is your strength and always will be.

You shouldn’t underestimate your work.

You may not feel like working but that’s where the money comes from.

You want to write stories, then work really hard on schedule to make time for it.

You have capabilities to complete all the challenges you’ve taken.

You are the central piece of the puzzle. Nobody’s going to come to rescue you. You are the hero of this world. If you are not cheering yourself then who will!

And about the sleepless weeks, tiring body and low energy – although these are important factors to consider but, at this moment, it is more like an excuse than the real problem. All day long, you switch over from social media prisons to food fest and watching some videos, movies, and talks. So, tiring and sleepless cycle syndromes are on you. You… and you are responsible for your actions, nobody else. So, shut up and start your working ass off. Otherwise, you can go to hell. Okay!

Then I turned my phone into airplane mode after a quick message, finished all the morning activities, made a cup of coffee and headed towards the roof with my Kindle. For a half day, I was not distracted by my phone which gave me enough mental space to finish a research-based blog.

In between, I just remembered one of her emails about all the distractions. I am not going to spill the beans as I promised her never to.

So, did it work? Yes, it worked, not fully but gave enough push to make me cheerful and talkative (only to myself) with good energy and complete focus.

All the procrastinators out there if you would desperately like to come out of it, just scold yourself like a big bash bully.

However, I must suggest you to learn to love yourself before you do that.

How to learn? Well, that’s another blog for some other time. If you are interested then ask Google, you shall find many books, blogs, articles, and stories. Go, distract yourself!

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