How to Become A Kid – A Guidebook From An Artist

Around 3 months back, I went to an interview for a theatre teacher job. It was conducted by a recruitment agency for some international school. During the session, I used the word ‘Kids’. The interviewer immediately interrupted and asked me to use the word ‘child’ instead of ‘kid’ as their client (the school) was apparently strict about how any teacher or parent used some words which could be, in their view, bad influence on the children.

Although I understand their urge as the word ‘kid’ is flexible in terms of its usage in literature and the daily conversation. In short, they are children, not kids. Hmmm… I can see how many reputed schools try to introduce the grown-up world to a child.

I personally feel that being too particular about things won’t make you progress. And the word ‘kid’ is not flaky, rather it’s liberating, it’s exactly how a child should be; be a kid.

Coming to our original discussion:

When I ask you to become a kid, obviously I am actually urging you to grow up. Yes, we all need to behave as a grown-up i.e. have a big heart to do anything. Let’s begin the guidebook of becoming a kid:

  • Stop caring about your image

We all are too conscious of our public, semi-public, protected and private images. Being conscious about your look, your talking style, your words, your thoughts, the person you’re interacting with, etc. are completely off the book in any kid’s diary. It simply has two meanings: Do not judge yourself before anyone judging you and stop thinking about other people’s opinion.
This will probably take a lot of your time and you have to do a lot of thoughtful changes in your lifestyle. See, you can’t just do anything in an expectation of looking like a kid. They are not crazy, you see.

  • Be Curious about everything

When you observe a kid, they see everything with their big eyes as if they want to know everything. They ask questions, they touch it, they do some practical, they play with it, they make an entire story around it and sometimes, they sleep with it. During this new interaction, they forget everything else. That’s the level of engagement they have. Why can’t you do that? After all, you are an adult –more intelligent and experienced than a kid!

  • Work on your emotions

This is my favourite one although, it sounds like I am teaching you a theatre lesson. I am not.
Human has discovered and defined various emotions we go through. Yet, as an adult, we are reluctant to show or express those emotions because we do not want to look bad.
So, if you feel like crying, cry (honestly, that’s the first emotions we think when we say emotion); if you feel like smiling, just smile, if feel like laughing, just laugh; if you feel angry, just be angry; you get the rest. The point is that you do not hide behind your plain (or, poker) face to hide all these emotions you are internally feeling.
About how to express emotions – it deserves another blog (maybe, I will write it someday).

  • Be honest to everyone including you (also, with everything you do)

Nowadays even the kids are infected by the term called Adult and they are dishonest, lie and cheat. We all know that the kid, being curious, mimics what they see, where they live – in the adult world. Hence, as an adult, it’s our responsibility to be honest with our dealings and interactions; in an adult, Lead by Example.

That’s it. You master these four mantras and you can be a kid in your heart all your life.

Just making weird faces and your occasional deliberate attempt to do odd things do not make you a kid. You need to work hard. You need to observe a kid. You need to see inside of you. You need to grow up. Then…probably, then – you can truly become a kid. At least, that’s how I see it!

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