Sleeping Pills Between The Dreams – Not A Theory

I realized that the laugh at end of this lackluster show was not going to last any time sooner. The props were scattered on the stage rendering the horrific scene what had just over. There was a skin scratching scare nerving within my body. In this uneasiness, I began walking… walking towards the point where the central light was falling. There what I saw was a tiny cylindrical tablet. I knew what it was. It was a sleeping pill.

I picked it up and kept it under my tongue. In 15-20 seconds, it melted so was consciousness.

Someone asked me,

Why don’t you sleep?

Someone should have seen my unsure face. I had no answer. Probably because I never want to sleep. Every time I carry myself to bed, close my eyes and think that

Today, I am going to see a completely imaginary dream with full of crazy stories like turtle fights in big-bang, opera-killers & their subordinates, A magical mansion with a tiny ruler, one sandbag & peek-a-boo cornman or Super lazy Mr. Red Pumpkin and His Adventure to Mars, etc.

I feel that I am missing out on something new in the real world. But what I am really missing out on is my sleep.

While solving the maze of my unusual (some might say, stupid) logic, I made a unique relationship with the night and its unworldly silence. It’s safe to say that I have borrowed lots of words from it with no intention to return. The night understands this and every time, I look up to it for a new story or a poem or an unplanned dream (which eventually turned into stories) it whispers smilingly. How affectionate!

It also taught me how to soften my eyes since I do not take much sleep. All I have to do is weep,

Weep tardily just to let the tears clear all the regrets and lost opportunities

Weep gladly because nothing is permanent

Weep haplessly just to show some sympathy to me

Hey, if you are thinking that I am just a sad clown, I can be, but in my own time. All this weariness, laziness and the surreal crossovers can be over with just one action – sleep.

But I don’t want to, because it gets funnier in the daytime when I smirk and grin at the people with no ulterior motives but sinister look tells another tale – I feel happy. And how can I forget those out-of-the-world stories and distinctively crafted poems!

At this moment, my friend smacked me


And I woke up.

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