Embedding Version 2.0 of Yourself, Break The Image

What is Version 1.0?

We all have a unique kind of mannerism and the way to deal with things. Over the period of time, it instills in our body which is reflected to everyone – your friends, your family, your teacher, your guide, your love, your materialistic social anarchist co-worker, your talentless boss, your cheerleader and whoever in your circle.

Of course, they all have different feelings towards you. They all see you through different lenses how you actually react and act in different situations. But underneath, you are the same person and that person will be unchanged over your lifetime.

Now, people known to you have a certain idea about you which goes along with the reflection they have created in their mind, based on their experience of your interactions. If you think and do a little bit of analysis on their behaviour patterns, you will certainly picture the exact image developed in their mind.

You need to know the two windows of your Johari window – the technology used in psychology to help people understand their relationship with themselves and others.

What is Johari Window?

Image result for johari window

It has four windows rendering the four Selfs which are

1) What you know about you and others also know about you

2) What you do not know about you but others know about you

3) What you know about you but others do not know about you

4) What you do not know about you and others also do not about you

You just need to jot down all the points about you listed in the first two windows. Now, the personality you will get is what I want call Version 1.0.

Knowing your version 1.0 needs your careful observation skills and patience. Once you finish it, you may open a path to create a Version 2.0 of yourself.

How About Version 2.0

Before bringing Version 2.0 into the discussion, I want you to ask yourself a few questions.

Are you happy with Version 1.0 of yourself? – Remember that includes your reflection someone else has created in their mind.

If yes, it’s great. You have an option to go for Version 2.0 just for fun.

If no, then do you want to modify it?

If no, then congratulations – you are among the I-don’t-care-what-they-think-about-me people. But for the fun, you may show a little care to see what happens if you change it.

If yes, then the next question is

Can the Version 1.0 be altered or molded or completely changed?

Yes, it can – if you consciously put an effort.

And finally, you decided to go from Version 1.0 of yourself to Version 2.0 of yourself.

In Version 2.0, you are consciously making sure that you alter, modify or remove your action, reaction and certain decoded behaviour in order to transform yourself into a completely changed person. If you figured out your Version 1.0 then it’s not that hard to become the Version 2.0. However, the entire process will need lots of practice with your patience and time.

Why Version 2.0?

There are many reasons like improving your personality, building trust factor in the relationship, boosting confidence, etc. These are all perfect but I am not interested in any of those reasons. What I am looking for in my Version 2.0 (and I think we all should be) is to create an amazement for you and the people you are connected with.

Your journey from Version 1.0 to Version 2.0 is actually a journey between your first Johari window and the fourth Johari window – to discover the things what you don’t know about you and even, others do not know about you.

I am going to do it.

Would you like to try? Then, begin understanding yourself and go through the process of changing it to experience the amazing things you may not know you could have done.

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