Virtually Loved, Universally Incomplete

Slit – the tiniest hole through which only the light passes. You wouldn’t believe what a discovery the physicist made from it – The dual nature of light. But, more than that, it gave or still gives incredible artistries in the whitest of the light show.

In the huge universe of shadow, someone has spotted many particles finding the rhythms and getting hold of it in their dance. And who has the best partner? Well, they never bother to blink on it.

Obviously, I am more inclined and biased towards the art; yes, physics – you go to hell.

The sound has never gone to that level. That means that particles were acoustically and musically challenged. Yet somehow, they were moving and were in the perfect sync.

The image of particles dancing under the beam of light in a mute atmosphere is quite vivid and fascinating, isn’t it? Huh, what an illusion a human brain usually creates. They see, touch and experience things and give a story to it what they want to imagine. What an idiotic and egotistic bastard! – Mind me if you wish to. PG-13 disclaimer!

The man who has created this illusion is almost in a hallucination state during the pre-sleeping phase while listening to some classic 60s Jazz instrumental. By this time, you would have guessed that the man is me.

I, who has been in many discussions to uncover the secrets of the universe and its dimensions, have finally submitted to the fact that this universe is nothing but the consciousness of our mind. The more we try to understand it, the more perplex it would become.

That’s why I decided to give my mind a rest for some time and lie down on my bed so that I can finally stop enjoying the ache (due to the tiredness) on my back and the whole right arm. It’s like some aliens intruded into that area and digging a slit

A slit of rage

A slit of emptiness

A slit of being the tiniest

A slit of being exhausted

A slit of being incomplete

Though with a little bit of music, I can close my eyes to the naked dream to perceive the entanglement of fluid emotions including the wrath, disgust, dreadfulness, felicity, moroseness, and the amazement. That’s when I can finally find peace while dropping tears with a grin.

That ought to fill up the gap. But do I want it? I mean that the Universe is supposed to love you, isn’t it?

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