Our Laughter Is What Remains

Long back, I, along with several actors, was performing playback theatre in front almost 100-150 people (mostly kids and teachers). At the end of the show, we were asked to conclude the performance on the audiences’reaction who shared their memorable moments of that evening.

I went first almost with a blank mind and, probably, the blank face. I took a chair and kept at middle-edge of the stage. I sat on the chair like an obedient kid. Everyone was curiously looking at me. Since the evening was full of exhilarating and energetic moments of improv by us they were extremely excited to see something extraordinary. What I did next?

I laughed hysterically that went on literally for 1.5 to 2 minutes.

For the first 10-20 seconds, they were confused about what to make of it. Then my body started falling off the ground along with the continuous crackling sound of laughter. There was so much conviction in the laughter that it started to affect the people and spread like a virus to the entire hall. They all were laughing hysterically. I had a few drops of tears in my eyes. You all know why if you had ever experienced.

Image may contain: 3 people, including Shivesh Ranjan, people smiling

I unintentionally overshadowed my fellow actors’ performance (that is not the right thing to do) but it was momentous and true to the core human emotion. They loved it. Many of them came to handshake with me and congratulate me. I also received a compliment from a Belgian Clown artist (who happened to join us for the performance) that

I am a natural clown.

Honestly, I didn’t even understand the clown fully at that time. In fact, I asked him what a clown is. Two years back, I received a similar compliment from my director who has mentored and directed me in his power-packed clown play where I was playing one of the leads. Least to say, I was proud.

Putting my past accolades and appreciation aside, I personally feel that we all can devouringly live the moment if we become honest about our feelings.

So, start recognizing your true emotions. What the worst thing can happen? They will call us hysterical, mental or crazy. In the end, our hysteric moments are what we shall be remembered for.

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