The Gimmick of Love Without Reverence – A Pretentious Theory

The other day, we were contemplating what if the feeling of love is pulled out from a person. Will that person experience the lack of empathy and gradually, turn into a sociopath?

I am not going to give the (my) definition of love. You define love in whatever way you want. It changes with the age, gender, conditioning, atmosphere, and the people you meet. You are allowed to change the definition.

“Tell me if you are alright?”

“I know.”

“If I go back, it will be over.”

“Say something.”

“I can’t clay your face in my mind, just come back.”

“Give me your hand.”

“You blinked.”

“Oh, that’s why! I was wondering, though.”

“If you want to stay in my arms forever, I will be here.”

“You needed it.”

Did I just define love through random statements?

Ah… the utterly disgusting world full of people – We have no idea where to go, what to look for and can we find something so dear. You may say that being pessimistic won’t help. Of course, it won’t. But today somehow it comes to my attention that

You love not to be with someone but to fulfill your desperate need of having someone.

So, the dear heartless person somehow knows what not to expect from love. This person’s pessimism generates a new philosophy of affection and, probably, the unseen perspective of today’s love. It lies mostly on

“I need you.”

What’s missing is reverence – the deeper respect of awe among ordinary people. Yes, we all are ordinary and we shall be until we are dead. After death, you become special for some time and then you vanish like the fragrance of the rose in a cemetery.

And, I think, we should remain ordinary throughout our life and never try to become special, because ordinary people can see, feel, hear, smell and touch love; special people can’t.

As for the answer to the question – my naïve understanding says that the people without the feeling of love won’t be sociopaths. In fact, they are clearer in their mind as they can see the gimmick of modern love.

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3 thoughts on “The Gimmick of Love Without Reverence – A Pretentious Theory

    1. Now elaboration,
      Nowadays, Love usually becomes the tool of your need. It has nothing to do trust and belief in the person, even though your love cannot help in your personal and professional life. As soon as these two criteria are missed they look the other way.


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