Fair Romance In The Silent Street

Every gig I dare to perform, (s)he seems to reject in his(er) mind. There is no corner in the world where I wouldn’t peek to look for what (s)he desires. In our talk, I was cold because (s)he was cold and it was not the other way around.

For those tantalizing dreams, you often pry to your love, aren’t the answers to your restlessness. Your heartened effort goes in vain while they persecute the future in ignorance. Your optimistic nature might have come from the quote, “Patience is the key.” And yes, your loved one also believes in it but they are not testing you. In fact, one fragment of their time goes in forgetting the idea of you. – They are bored.

Now, make a sandbag of your frustration and hit it hard again and again while your extended a range of music is played in the background. Eventually, the sandbag will break but the music will continue, sort your mood out and tell you,

“You don’t need answers.”

Here the music stops and I see a closed box of obsessiveness around me. I must go out in the silent street and look in the shadow of street lights. In all fairness, I must admit that I am imaging the cradle of romance. A little bit of dance and the shake of both of our moodiness! Oh, (s)he is present there. His(er) mind is running back and forth to understand what to say.

Smile… Smile, because you sent all the love you could and you are going to send some more if you feel like to.

Smile, because you express what you wanted to.

Smile, because it makes you feel great.

Smile, because you are completely you.

Smile, because it’s stupid to take the pressure for both sides.

Smile, because you are in love.

You are not awesome, so is not your love – that’s unromantic and uninspiring but it’s true. Do your bit of fair romance. Sing, paint and write about him(er) in that silent street which is created by both of you once. Here everyone is going to listen to you and trust me, if you are still sharing it (s)he is listening.

You never know, “Patience might be the key.”

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