Walk and Walk, Break The Mental Block

A few weeks back, my brother asked me about the reason behind my isolated nature, especially during just before my college days (around 11 years back) when I used to go to the rooftop for 2-3 hours. I still do that some time. I chuckled and answered.

“For no reason! Probably, clear my mind.”

The answer was, obviously, unsatisfactory for him. Then I elaborated.

There are lots of thoughts, pictures, memories and incidents you come across during your days, weeks, months…. And when all those thoughts filled up the virtual space, the mind needs to empty itself. While walking and contemplating on the rooftop, I could actually let go of those thoughts that makes me feel light.

Nowadays, I almost replaced it with a walk as it comes with physical movements.

Whenever I get agitated, frustrated or feel strange I go for a walk. Especially in case of depression, we should add walking into our habits and make it a habit. When we tiptoe onto the city’s congested path or on silent streets or in a park lane, our certain action under the influence of negative emotion can be transferred through those physical movements. It frees up all the strain and stress, we might have been feeling during those specific moments or for the entire day.

Though some people would suggest joining a gym which is not a bad idea, but, In my view, walking is the simplest healing treatment anyone can pursue.

That’s the knowledge, my younger brother has taken (he acknowledged) and perhaps, you can adopt it too. Walking Heals. Also, it’s fun to observe the world full of delusional people (Ooopss).

Note: Do not carry a wallet, your phone or anything that might be distracting for your mind when going for the walk.

Ooo… I am a knowledgeable guy. I must start poking everyone and try to outsmart them with my brightest sense of life lessons. Huh! Anyway,

Keep Reading Keep Humming Keep Walking.

Fun Fact: Sometimes, I walk for over 10 kms to save money (I am a miser) and clear my thoughts.

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