Awakening of The Blue Darkening

… And you are entrapped in the hotchpotch of jib-jab, the mystery behind ginormous life goals, and the convoluted understanding of yourself. You have gone way past the damnation of overhaul and the dealing with the identity crisis is becoming bitter with every second.

You often get agitated, not because people are giving you the humongous list of things to do as an advice. In fact, they gave up on giving you any suggestions a long time ago. You have lost your angels. Probably, you are the one who has buried them in the isle of uncertainty. Now, you can’t blame anyone else. Thus you delve into the inescapable blues and wait for the darkness to rip you apart.

But Alas, the misery of optimism! You are looking at it cheerfully as your last hope to achieve the most peaceful solitude you have been rooting for. What a way to welcome the red sun!

It encloses you in its impertinent nature and encourages you to feed yourself with the nice consolation like a pat on your back. Well, that’s depressing! Perhaps, a chocolate plum cake would lighten your mood. Actually, that’s not a bad idea.

Sweet food for every mood

A piece of pie for every cry

Melting of the chocolate with every taste

Undress the bleakness of the terrifying future and come under the existence of light. Your wind is not conceived or released out there yet. Still, you can frame the picture with your instinctive colours and wordings. If you are tired or exhausted, give yourself a silence to contemplate on the painting. Treat yourself with a panicle. The flowers will teach you the importance of patience.

As the atmosphere of pitifulness and hopelessness cuts short, your canvas will become clearer. Eventually, you will appear in your sketch which shall fit into your mirror you always missed.

You always missed yourself, didn’t you? Well, do not forget to give yourself a nice gift.

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