Once Ignorance Was Born

As the neigh of Beethoven swoops in to give rhythm to the hue and cry of the creativity, once there lived Ignorance. It often went to the cumbersome approach and uplifted their methods to the one who refused to be defeated. And that’s how born Awe.

For the sake of over-explaining the above undervalued and admittedly complex statement, I must comply with the general rule of simple writing and reading. Here goes:

When I started writing, I knew I was good enough. I lack the words and methods to convert my ridiculously amazing thoughts into a readable story. Obviously, any of my write-ups were a joke or frowned upon articles for the people. But instead of suggesting and showing their hatred, they chose to move on to the next article with the promise in their head that they will never come back – typical digital age world, huh! They chose to ignore.

So, I made a huge benefit out of this ignorance. I began experimenting with many new words, misplaced deliberately as well as mistakenly while learning the required rules of the language. Since I had much-needed imagination, I could develop a new style of writing with years of practice.

Now, if ever they had come back, they could appreciate the idea and my unique style of expression without realizing that I was the same unworthy writer they once ignored.

In short, Ignorance is bliss if you…

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