Dream Perfecto, We Imperfecto

This morning, I had a dream of singing a song which was played for someone special. She seemed to be impressed after a long gap of ignorance. She was smiling for the very first time. I was on some connecting walking lane situated at the top of some building. It was airy and cloudy everywhere. I had one more female subordinate with me and she, the special someone, was moving closer with each line of the song. It was sentimental and the amazing foggy atmosphere adds to the romantic element, not to mention the musical sound effect coming from nowhere to support my voice. At this moment, my eyes had an urgency to transport me to reality.

Obviously, I was disappointed but, being a writer and a storyteller, I wanted to complete the story in my mind but I couldn’t, because I couldn’t remember the song which seemed perfect with my made-up lyrics just 2 minutes ago.

Frustrating, as the story didn’t get its ‘perfect’ ending.

The more I was trying to remember the quicker I was forgetting the song.

Dream plays with us in such a way, doesn’t it? But you know what, it is the manifestation of our own desires and probably, the best possible outcome we would like to see in our life story. But alas! It’s a dream and will be vanished. Our all day running, the thoughts lingering around our mind, our fears and the need of seeing ourselves as heroes – our mind handles too much pressure. As a result, it gives our ultimate wish or the reality check or the premonition of the unwanted future. We cry, laugh, hate, adore and ignore our dreams but they don’t leave us. It continuously provides us the picture we may or may not need. We can’t escape it.

Hence, shouldn’t we try to read it and decipher its code? What it’s trying to say? Why do we need it?

Fun Fact: You can develop to the skills of generating lucid dream by trying to remember the dream just after you wake up. Fascinating, isn’t it? Try it. You would know. Well, I created many stories from my dreams.

With my minimal understanding of my dreams, it could be the perfect version of your life. You are at the glance of the time approaching slowly for your perfect version of life.

Hey, if you can understand your dream you can be a superhero of your story.

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