O o o… What’s all the fuzz about being weird?

Often I come across posts or conversation with a deafening opinion on being weird. There are lots of people who think they are weird on several occasions. Quite opposite to that, some people – despite their immature and self-humiliating act, think that they are not weird at all.

With all these thoughts, I had a question

O o o… What’s all the fuzz about being weird?

Now, since I am not giving specifics you probably might not understand what I am trying to say. I am trying to find out what weird actually means.

Before finding out what’s weird, let’s figure out what normal is.

Perhaps, being a regular person who goes to the school, college or the office and follows a bunch of rules is normal.

Perhaps, a camper who is supposed to know about certain stuff and doesn’t want to become a scientist in the future is normal.

Perhaps, a lover who doesn’t do crazy activities such as bottling up feelings, tinkling to mingle with their voice, goofing up to be starved like a beggar or brushing up all their sentiments to form the jar of crying rivers is normal.

Perhaps, a normal person who knows what normal is, understands how normal works and executes their normal personality like a normal person, is normal.

Okay, okay… I shall stop trolling and tell you my truth – I do not know what normal is. In my belief, nobody knows. Everyone who says they are normal has some idea about normality what they have heard from somewhere or is taught by someone ‘normal’ and now, they are trying to make themselves fit into that stretch. Does it make sense?

Because if it doesn’t then I, who falls in love with a person whom he met only four times, am weirder, weirder than most of you – I hope I am not the weirdest.

It’s weird if you are not weird.

You know what – as long as we are respectful to (almost) everyone we are not weird, no matter what we do.

What’s your definition of Weird? Let me know in your own way.

I am listening to the song Giorgio By Moroder Daft Punk.

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