Hilarity Is Embracing The Dumbness In You

An onlooker had peeked into my piece of writing and impulsively dodged the bullet of his critic, “On what earth this comes in the category of story?”

“It doesn’t. It’s not a story.” I looked up.

“Oh…. Then why the tag ‘story’?” He pointed his finger on my computer screen.

“I mean technically it’s a story somewhat taken from my personal life with the philosophical angle. You know it’s not story story, It’s story article.” Clearly, my defense was weaker than the fish out of water trying to look alive. However, it made the onlooker think. He leaned towards his knee, lifted his right leg up and rubbed his feet.

“Whoa…. That is… so… intellectual.” I almost felt proud while he gave a stress on the word ‘intellectual’. “Well, I don’t know much about a story or anything but intertwining a story and the philosophical essay with a compass of strange moral is nothing short of pure talent. You, my friend, are the most talented person I have ever met. I am honoured to meet you in person. Oh my god, I am with the most imaginative and talented writer and I don’t have words to express my regard in true words. Well, my majesty…” He took out a small diary and a pen and forwarded to me. “Would you like to sign an autograph for me?”

For a moment, I started to smell a sarcastic tone but his honest tone of delivering the amazement in his sentences and the gesture like a dumb fan sold his genuineness. I took the autograph book and signed it with a remark.

If everything said came out from the bottom of your heart, then I truly appreciate your admiration. It gives a new wing of confidence in me. Hope you will be truly successful and be the best of yourself.

But if at all, you were laughing like a clownish gorilla from inside but showing the admiration on your face then I wish you go to hell and your body may remain trapped in the same clownish gorilla suit.

Suffice to say that I was playing the hardball game by trolling him to make him understand not to troll with me.

He read the note, looked up at me with a big smile and opened his mouth with a same genuinely appreciative tone, “Oh my goodness! Are you a genius or what? This is the most hilarious piece I have ever read. I must hug you. Is that okay if I hug you?” He didn’t wait for my reply and hugged me like a teddy bear. I, stuck around his arms, was so confused about the whole situation. Then I wondered

What if this onlooker were a woman? What would my reaction have been?

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