The Asynchrony of Group Time

Ah, the pragmatic joy of undulating time during the random talks within a group! It’s cheering, refreshing, not unnerving and dilutes the additional stress of impatient silence. Even when the silence appears, it doesn’t welcome awkwardness.

The introduction becomes easy. Liking seems normal. And if you want to practice your introversive nature, the group allows you to be the one; you do not have to talk, what a luxury! When the group possesses the property of inclusivity and openness, you may feel empowered. The words you express would not go in vain. In fact, it may get accolades. You’d smile, laugh and engaged. In short, you will have fun.

I said this to my friends that I do not enjoy the group talk or get-togethers because it prevents us to be in a real conversation what you can have in face-to-face interaction. But it certainly helps create some of the beautiful memories where you are at some corner posing with a smile. The entire moment will be printed in a picture which can be forgettable or unforgettable depending on your bonding with the group.

Suddenly, someone asked me, “Aren’t you getting bored?”

I take the sip of my hot chocolate, “No. I love boredom.”

And that was the snap of spotlight I received. “I love to be someone in the crowd.”

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