Something That Itches Make It A Challenge

I had a (not exactly) strange Saturday. My theatre practice was scheduled for 10 in the morning but since my sleeping cycle is complete upside down, I couldn’t sleep at night. With a little worry in my sleepless eyes, I decided to make a list what I thought should do in this year 2019.

Before going to the list, let’s have a quick look at the last year’s challenge – 365 quotes, 100 poems, 50 blog-posts, 4 stories, 2 films and 1 novel

I completed probably over 120 quotes, 135+ poems, exact 50 blog-posts, 4 short films and 2 stories. However, I couldn’t even start a chapter for the novel. Apart from this, I read around 30 books, was part of 8 stage performances (quite less than the previous years) and made 40 videos. The fun fact is that I didn’t make a single penny from any of these personal initiatives.

Since taking challenges and completing it is something I really enjoyed last year, I thought of repeating it for this year as well with different sets of challenges.

15 Short Films, 1 Feature Length Film, 1 Novel and 1 Clown Theatre Production


It is some of those things that itch my back. Now I decided to face it.

Although my financial situation is not changed compared to last January, I thought of taking this risk again. Let’s see how it turns out. You can take your kind of challenge as well but make sure to do it for yourself.

Once I finished the list, there was so little time to sleep. Hence, I spend another 2.5 hours watching Interstellar (2014). I finished my theatre practice by 2:30 afternoon. After lunch and chit-chat, I came home around 5-5:30 pm. Then I went to stealth mode and took 7 hours of long nap. It was past midnight. Saturday was over.

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