Why Filmmaking?

This morning I was asked a question from one of my actors during the rehearsal.

“Why do you insist on taking a long shot?”

It was kind of a rhetorical question and he left. At the back of my mind, I know why. That’s one of the initial questions I asked myself when I thought to make this short film. As a filmmaker, we may have the favourites or obsessiveness towards a certain scene or genre and our distinct style (probably inspired) to make a film but, as far as the learning curve matters, I would rather keep those inside the box. For me, first I must ask myself

“Why do I want to make this film?”

In my view, any filmmaker out there should ask this to themselves before commencing the new project.

There is nothing bad or wrong with the obsessiveness towards a certain genre or a style. In fact, these things add a flavour to our products – watch out for and observe the movies of Quentin Tarantino, Alfonso Cuaron, James Wan and Christopher Nolan. But our filmmaking needs a certain core value that comes from our society, personal life, extensive knowledge, research and our behaviour towards life. As long as these conditions are met, I am sure we shall never regret what kind of film we are making. The selections of stories, characters, shots and styles will be discovered during the process.

You must be clear why you want to make that particular film.

Keep Reading Keep Humming and if you’re an aspired filmmaker keep filming.

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