The Mere Misconception of ‘Condom’ and a Love Story

My long awaited (nobody but me) Hindi short film “A Few Minutes of Condom” is released. With whatever the views it received, the film mostly gained positive words. It is certainly not very good on technical levels but the concept, story and characters are appreciated.

Meanwhile, I received a particular remark from a few people when asked to share it in their circle.

It can’t be shared in a family group.

When I thought about it for a while then I understood what they really meant, i.e.

It can’t be shared with family as it has the word ‘Condom’ in it.

Sounds strange or familiar? I guess it depends on which society you live in. I live in the same society where saying words like ‘Condom’ or ‘sex’ is a taboo. Having the same concern in my mind, I set out a message before the release of the film. Here it is:

As our short film is about to release this evening, I must address one particular word that has been bothersome for many, especially in the Indian context.


While the film was in its pre-production stage, some of the actors were too concern about the word Condom in the title and the dialogues. This was strange to me since the rise of the internet has educated people over the course of time that ‘Condom’ word is not taboo and in fact, as a responsible person in a relationship, it should be an integral part of our lives.

This short film goes beyond this social awareness message and deals with an important element in a relationship – ‘Trust’.

Hence, do not let your prejudiced mind (if you have) hold you from watching this film. Have an open mind, watch it and give your thoughts about it.

– Shivesh Ranjan

As said in the above message, the film is going way beyond to how Condom is important in a physical relationship. It talks about the relationship between two people, their friendship, the right communication between them and having a trust for each other that all blend by one feeling – Love.

A Few Minutes of Condom is a Love Story between a husband and a wife.

I think the real reason behind not sharing the film with the word ‘Condom’ in the family group is, in my view, because we are afraid of questions. We are not sure how to answer those questions. I understand that it’s tricky especially when talking to the teens. But we have to find a way to answer those questions.

Talking of teens, I wanted to inform that this short film can be watched by anyone aged 13 years or above. It’s a PG-13 short film.

While we are being aware of the millions weird and amazing things from the world, we are training our mind to deal in a limited boundary. Let’s not do that. As long as you know that the intent behind the content is good and informative, you must share it with everyone.

I am leaving the thumbnail here for you to watch this film and choose to share it if you love it. Do not let the word ‘condom’ rule your decision of sharing anything informative and fun.

A Few Minutes of Condom – Not An Award Winning Short Film (long take film)

Thanks for reading and if you’ve watched the film (and shared it across), hugs for you.  I will soon be coming with a post where I discuss the unique preparation for this short film.

Keep Watching Good Films Keep Sharing – Keep Reading Keep Humming

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