The Unsaid Ugliness of True Romance

Oh, look at all you beautiful people!

Give it up for all the beautiful people in the house!

You all are lovely and beautiful audience!

You probably would have heard these familiar opening lines delivered by comedians, speakers, politicians, celebrities and well-known artists. It sounds wonderful and makes us happy.

You want to be called beautiful, don’t you?

You maintain yourself to look attractive; you push your limits to look presentable in front of unknown people so that they would listen to you and your opinion. And yes, they (you) do tend to hear the attractive people who are physically charming. Seeking for validation, huh?

How many times you try to laugh in a one-on-one talk but hold yourself so that the other person could not see the ugliness beneath the ‘beauty’ you have painted? You don’t want your strange mark to be seen in public. You don’t want to sound stupid. You don’t want your tears to roll down in public. You don’t want to show your vulnerability. You don’t want your weird self as your recognized face.

You want someone else, someone charming, someone better than you, someone everyone would listen to, someone everyone would love. When you are with someone, you don’t want you, because

You can’t stand to be called ugly, do you?

However, the definition of ugliness is arguably unknown as it changes with time, people, social structure, context and perspective. You probably ought to stay hidden until you discovered the real definition. After that, you behave in an ‘acceptable’ manner.

But shouldn’t you have accepted your ugliness first and then behave accordingly. Wouldn’t that be less complicated? You wouldn’t have to mind the society, atmosphere, situation, people and time. It would be fascinating and extremely surprising to see how confident you could be.

You could smile as wide as you, you could speak as loud as you can, you could walk as fast or slow as you can, you could love as much as you can. Not everyone but some will accept you as you are. He/She will love you with all your flaws, conundrums, dramas, weird habits and your ugly side. And then, you can be on the path of a true romance with your life.

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